Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Best of Beauty 2013!

The New Year is upon us! Wahoo!

Tonight is going to be a busy blog night! I have so many posts to bang out that I haven't had time for over recent days, so get ready for the flood!

Photo before editing courtesy of weheartit.com
First up is my Best of Beauty- 2013 Edition.  I'm hoping to make this a yearly thing, so let me know in the comments what you think!  

This year I really discovered makeup.  I had worn it before but it was either for dance, or was very basic (disregard the time in Grade 10 where I wore turquoise eye shadow and thought that was cool...)  So 2013 was a lot of experimenting on my part with different brands and types of makeup.

My favourite foundation of the year was undoubtedly the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  I like this so much I bought a second bottle for my winter skin tone.  It covers very well, lasts all day, and really does wake up your complexion.  I haven't bought the concealer that goes with this but I think I will in the New Year.  I think this is just an amazing product, almost cult-worthy.

For concealer, I have been loving the Rimmel Match Perfection and the Maybelline Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer.  I just bought the Maybelline one recently, but I find I have been reaching for it more than the Rimmel one.  However, for most of the year I have been using the Rimmel concealer so to leave it out would be a lie.  They are both amazing concealers, and they both act as highlighters too.  I never find they go cakey and they do conceal really well.  Both can be built up for better coverage too, which is great for the dark purple circles under my eyes.

My favourite powder in 2013 has most definitely been the Maybelline Dream Matte powder.  I used to use Physician's Formula, and never thought to try anything else until my bank balance was looking dire.  The Maybelline powder is very different, and for that reason I was skeptical about it, but I ADORE it.  It is amazing at mattifying your skin and lasts all day.  It is great for setting foundation or concealer, but I had also just put it  over bare skin to keep from getting shiny.  I just hit pan on mine, so it does last a long time, and it's only something like $8!

Next up: blush.  This is a product I almost left out because I have tried so many and never really been enthralled with any of them.  I have used half a dozen different blushes this year and I just haven't found one that makes me scream "WOW" or even something I will be repurchasing.  The closest would be the Wet N Wild blushes, which are super pigmented and under $4.  They are a great value for your money, but unfortunately only come in three shades.  In 2014 I will be trying out a lot more blushes, that's for sure!

Moving on to eyes, I have to pick All The Glitters from MAC as my favourite eye shadow of 2013, with no competition.  It is a great all-round shade and so versatile.  All over the lid with a black winged eye liner or with a darker colour in the crease, this is the perfect eye shadow and I am so glad I purchased it, despite the price.  It was worth every single penny.

Eye liner is another product I haven't been super happy with.  I kept faithful to my Annabelle eye pencil in Brownie, as I have for a good three years, but the only new discovery I made (and liked) would be my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel eye liner.  I love this product, it lasts all day and doesn't smudge.  I'm not a fan of the brush that comes with it but I do like it as a lip brush (go figure).  I highly recommend that gel liner if you want to try one, drugstore gel liners are difficult to find.  I am also beginning to like gel liners better than pencil or liquid liners, so I have a feeling I will be purchasing another one of those soon...

For mascara, I choose the Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Big Eyes.  This has a brush for you bottom and top lashes, and lengthens and thickens to a point where it looks like you're wearing false lashes (it really does!)  It can be a little smudgy, especially the older it gets, so watch out for that.  I would say this mascara is comparable to the Lancome Hypnose mascaras, which I am also a huge fan of (but they are REALLY smudgy if you aren't careful.)

And the last favourite I have for you all is lipsticks and glosses.  I have a couple in this category.  I really love the Rimmel Apocalips, I think they're fabulous and am going to purchase more once they are on sale.  I also love the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks, and the Superstay 10 Hour Stain Glosses.  There are a wide range of colours for these, and they are all amazing products with staying power.  Try them out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

That is all for me, stay tuned for another post later on! It will be a Christmas Goodies post, which I really hope you will all enjoy!  That one will have a lot more pictures, I promise! (If it doesn't make it out tonight, check back tomorrow!)

Happy New Year everyone!
xoxo Laura

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Decorations around the house.
Cool giant ornaments hanging in the kitchen window.
Some (of many) of my mom's Jim Shore carved Santas.
My mom bought gorgeous glass and jewelled frames at the dollar store and put pictures of everyone in them for both sides of the family.  

Our Christmas tree with presents underneath and our fireplace burning with mine and my brother's stockings sitting in front, eagerly waiting for Santa Clause to come and fill them!
Ribbon and garland strung along the banister and a stained-glass Santa my mom made for my Nana years ago hanging in the picture window.

Merry Christmas everyone! To everyone who reads this blog: you all make me so happy, seeing the number of hits grow higher every time I log in.  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  I hope you continue to enjoy my posts into the New Year, and I hope that things only go up from here! I love you all <3 xoxo Laura

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

TAG- The A to Z of Me!

With Christmas and exams, I've been so busy, I neglected this poor blog! Today is another quick little tag post., but for once there are actual photos!  I'll be blogging again around Christmas with a little decor house tour, and then another post about the Christmas celebrations itself later.

As inspired by THIS post, I will be doing the A to Z of Me tag! Enjoy and comment!

The A-Z Tag

Age: 18

Me on Halloween this year.  An 18 year-old in a cat onesie...
Bed Size: Tiny! I think it's single, whatever the standard university size is.  When I'm at home I have a double.

Chore you Hate: Washing the dishes.  Bleurg.

Dogs: I prefer cats, but I wouldn't mind a King Spaniel (Disney generation anyone?).  I also really like English Bull Terriers, my babysitter had one growing up.  They're lovely!

Essential start of your day: The mental pep talk to convince myself to get out of my bed.

Favourite Colour: Don't really have one! Whatever tickles my fancy from day to day!

Trip to Boston in May 2013
Gold or Silver: The best of both worlds: white gold.

Height: 5"5-ish

Instruments I play: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Flute (This list used to be much longer.  Sadface.)

My friend Robyn as Hope Cladwell and me as Little Sally for a production of Urinetown: The Musical
Job Title: Student.

Kids: No thank you!

Live: Canada (I don't want to be too specific here)

Mum's name: Susan

Nickname: Laur, Batman (long story!)

Pet Peeve: People who sniff through lectures; people who leave lecture and come back with Tim's (like seriously, what are you doing?).

Quote from a movie: "It's not easy having a good time.  Even smiling makes my face ache." (Tim Curry as Frank N Furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975)

Right or Left handed: Right

I am easily confused.
Siblings: A younger brother named Ben who is ridiculously good at every sport that ever existed.  Jerk. (Kidding.)

Time you wake up: Alarm goes off at 8 but I generally get out of bed ten minutes before class starts.

Dressed up as Little Sally for a production of Urinetown.  Best friend and I before the show.
Underwear: First pair I grab.  Today's are black with pink flamingos!

Vegetables you dislike: Not keen on turnip, also not fond of eggplant or zucchini.

What makes you run late: Doing my makeup even though I got out of bed ten minutes before I need to be somewhere.

Bus selfie.
X-rays you've had done: Teeth (obviously), foot (bruised all the ligaments but thankfully didn't break anything), knee (dislocated it but no other damage).

Yummy food you make: A noodles and veggies with spicy peanut sauce (holy moly!)

Zoo animal: PANDAS! And penguins of course!

That is all for now!  I hope you liked the pictures! See you in a bit with some more festive posts! XOXO Laura

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LUSH Cosmetics- "Happy People Making Happy Soap"

Hello everyone!

I spend a lot of money at LUSH.  It is by far my favourite store in existence and I have tried a good variety of the products and interacted with employees at many different stores.  Thus, I thought it was about time I  did a little talk about the brand and my thoughts on it! (Hint: They're all positive!)
***Pictures courtesy of lush.ca unless otherwise stated.  I own none of them***

Stores and Employees
Courtesy of HERE.
The stores themselves are great.  Of the ones I have been to, they are all clean, well organized, and it is never hard to find products.  I find the stores are fairly small usually, but the space is used effectively.  

I also really like the decor.  It isn't too loud, so the attention is drawn to the product.  The stands are all wooden and fit the store perfectly with their mission to be organic and earth-friendly.  The decor really reflects both the product and the mission of the store itself.  There are also fun little slogans all over the store walls and written on the chalkboards they have! I agree with the one above: when in doubt, have a bath!

There is no way this is coincidental, but LUSH employees are by far the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met who work in retail.  I have never met a single employee who didn't look happy, or was unfriendly in any way.  They always know their products, are always there to answer questions or show you how something works, and they are always excited about the products themselves.  I can't think of a single time I have gone in when someone didn't offer to show me a products, or tell me about what I was looking at, or recommend their favourite products to me.  I love how passionate the employees are, and I wish I had a store close to me that I could work at so I could work in such a fun and happy environment.

This is the part where I go crazy about talking about everything I have ever tried and how much I love it and yadda yadda for a couple thousand words (I'll try to keep the fangirling to a minimum!) But I do have to say before I start that I have not tried everything, but what I have tried I thoroughly liked.  LUSH makes so many products, you would think something in there would have disappointed me, but no.  Never.

I'll include pictures of everything I have ever tried but I will only talk about my ultimate favourites to keep this a little shorter!

Bath Bombs

These are all of the bath bombs I have tried, although I think I might have had a Golden Slumbers at one point too.  My favourite is Space Girl, which is a sweetly-scented blackcurrant bomb in the shape of a UFO.  Cinders, Father Christmas, Golden Wonders, and Snowman are all from the Christmas line and I highly recommend you go out and buy them ASAP before the season is over! I stock up on these ones, I think they're fabulous.  Snowman and Father Christmas are my favourites of the Christmas bombs. Snowman smells like cocoa butter and vanilla, so lovely and luxurious, and Father Christmas smells like citrusy mandarin.  Gimme!

The Twilight bath bomb is also really nice.  It's gigantic too! I find it really nice for those days when you're stressed out, your body aches, and you just know you're going to have trouble falling asleep.  It smells like lavender and is so calming and relaxing that in a warm bath I have been known to fall asleep (oops!).  It also turns your bath water bright fuchsia which is a fun bonus! 

Bubble Bars
Why is A French Kiss so blurry but the other ones are fine?!
I have tried less bubble bars than I have bath bombs, but oddly enough I prefer bubble baths.  My favourite bubble bar of all time is Pop in the Bath.  The little flower cutout on top is so cute, but more importantly this smells amazing! Very citrusy and fresh.The comforter is also really nice, it smells of sweets (I think on the website it says blackcurrant scented) and A French Kiss is perfect for relaxing baths.  I sometimes pair it with the Twilight bath bomb, it's a great combination.

The Christmas Penguin is also amazing.  I love the scent, the website says it smells of orange blossoms.  It definitely smells floral, but I have no idea what actual orange blossoms smell like! LUSH is actually doing a photo contest with this bubble bar, to see my entry check out my Instagram page: Where is Penguin Entry

Soap/Body Wash

These are all of the soap products I have tried (with a sneaky bath melt thrown in there).  I love Sea Vegetable, even though at first I was nervous about the seaweed chunks on the top.  I love the smell,  I love that it gets me clean, and I really love the salt and seaweed that scrubs off dirt and dry skin.  It's great!

Snow Globe is a soap brought out for Christmas time but I adore it! It smells very citrusy, like grapefruit, and gives an amazing clean and awake feeling.  This is great for tired showers in the morning, very invigorating.

I have also had Bohemian soap, which is very lemony, similar enough to Snow Globe that I buy it when it isn't Christmas.  I don't tend to be much of a soap person, I prefer shower gel, but the LUSH soaps are really nice and they give you an amazing clean feeling.  For that reason they are the only types of soap you will ever see me buy

Face and Body

The body lotions from LUSH are amazing.  End of story.  They moisturize SO well and aren't greasy at all.  I actually use Dream Cream, which is lavender scented, on my face as my facial moisturizer, and it doesn't block my pores and does an amazing job of keeping my face hydrated.  However, Creme Anglaise is my all-time favourite lotion, no competition.  Unfortunately, it's being discontinued (so if someone wants to send me a pot I would be very grateful.  Kidding! Kind of...)

The massage bars are also great.  I have used Therapy but my mom has used Each Peach and Two's a Pair and she loves it.  These are a little bit more greasy because they are made of essential oils and butters like shea and cocoa butter, but they are still really nice (especially if someone else is giving you the massage- ooer!)  They sink into the skin and leave it so soft, they are incredible.  Because they melt quite easily, LUSH sells little tins to store them in which is a great idea and a good solution to what could be a very annoying problem!

Also, if you get the chance, pop by for a Fresh Face Mask.  They make them in store and they MUST be refrigerated and used within 2 weeks, but they are amazing.  The Love Lettuce one looks weird and did smell a little strange but when I used it, but it really did make my face look better.  I can't even describe how.  I just looked more glowing and healthier (I should go get a new one of those...)

Any Issues?
As I said, I have never had a product I didn't like, but recently I went to a store and bought a tub of Charity Pot.  In the store when I tested it, I thought it smelled lovely and just grabbed a random tub from the stand without checking it.  When I went to use it that night, I realized it had actually gone rancid.  I have never had this before, and no one I have talked to has had this happen, but since LUSH is all about fresh and natural ingredients I guess it's bound to happen occasionally!  Anyways, because I don't live near the store I couldn't go return it but I did tweet about it and the company replied!

As you can see, they obviously care a lot about the customer and their experience with the product.  Honestly, I won't be bringing it back, because it's Charity Pot.  The money I spent 100% goes to grassroots charities and because of that I will not be returning/exchanging.  I will just repurchase another time.  I would hate for those charities to be losing money.

Anything else to say?
Yes: can I work there? Honestly, I love LUSH so much.  If I can't find a job after I finish university I am applying to work in their Toronto factory.  I love the brand, I love the products, and I love the people. It doesn't even look like a business, it looks like a community.  LUSH was featured on undercover boss (HERE is a link to go watch the episode) and I watched to see if the "Happy People Making Happy Soap" catchphrase was really true.  It is.  The people are really passionate about what they do and it's easy to see that they truly love their jobs and the company they work for.  And I think that is important in a brand.  Plus they use fair trade, organic ingredients, safe synthetics, and don't test on our cute little animal friends, and everything is handmade with love and smiles.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Because of this, I know I will be purchasing LUSH products for years to come.  You really get your money's worth, and the products make you feel amazing.  What I really want to try is the new LUSH spas.  I think this is a great idea and a very logical next step.  Hopefully it works out for them, all I want is to see this brand do well in the future.

(***I also found out in writing this post and doing a little bit of research on the LUSH website that the company has been voted one of the 50 best employers in Canada in 2013.  Congrats LUSH, you deserve it!)***

Sunday, 8 December 2013

I Heart Drugstore Makeup TAG

Hey everybody!

Here's another little tag post so you can get to know some more about me and my favourite things! Hope you enjoy it!

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?

Anyone who knows me or who has read this blog for awhile knows the brands I love the most are Maybelline and Rimmel.  About 50% of my makeup is from Maybelline because I think it is such a good quality for what you pay.  Rimmel is also fantastic, I like the Rimmel foundations better than I do the Maybelline ones.  I also really like both brands lipsticks, in particular the Coloursensational by Maybelline and the Kate Moss collection from Rimmel.

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?

My favourite face product is actually an exfoliating cleanser from St. Ives.  It's the Apricot scrub, and it is amazing.  it does an excellent job of scrubbing off makeup and dry skin, and it smells good too! 

My favourite cheek product is the Wet n Wild blushers.  They are so incredibly pigmented and look amazing on the skin! I own one and keep forgetting to go back and buy the other shades.

My favourite lip product is the Maybelline Babylips (is anyone surprised by this?)  They do an amazing job of keeping my lips hydrated and healing them when they are cracked.  They do what they say and more.  I will say, I think the Mint flavour is more effective than the others. The ones with shimmer in them (Peach Kiss) and the bright neon shades I don't find to be as good as the Mint or Cherry flavours.

3. Least favorite product?

There are always hits and misses, no matter where you shop.  For drugstore products, I find that no brand is flawless with everything.  One brand I do find misses the mark quite a bit is Hard Candy.  I really don't like their eye shadows, especially the singles.  I find them dry and powdery and almost rough in texture.  I have a palette that isn't too bad, although the colour payoff is quite different from how it looks in the pan.  But yeah, the Hard Candy eyeshadows are a definite miss for me.

4. What is the best makeup bargain?

The best makeup bargain is definitely the Wet n Wild blushes.  I can't quite remember the price, but I know they're under $3 and for the pigmentation you can't get a better deal than that.  They are truly an amazing product.

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)

This is a tough one, because I tend to buy products I have heard people rave about because then I tend not to waste my money on products I don't end up liking.  I think that my underdog product would be the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail polishes.  They're only $2.50, but they are really nice and decent quality.  I only wear nail polish for a couple of days before I get bored of it, so it's nice to get a product that lasts for that long, but I'm not wasting it by taking it off after less than 48 hours.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
I feel like a lot of Covergirl products are too expensive for what you pay for them.  For example, the Covergirl lipperfection lipstick cost me over $10 and the product was terrible, I used it maybe twice before giving up and throwing it out.  Covergirl does have some good products, but most of them aren't that great, and I feel like they charge too much for a mediocre product.

Another really expensive brand is GOSH and while I love their products, they are overpriced.  I paid $16 for a concealer and it only had enough product in it for about five uses.  Not worth it.

7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!

I would say Maybelline the Falsies could rival any high-end mascara (YSL I'm looking at you).  In particular, the Volume Express Falsies Big Eyes (with the two brushes, one for top lashes and one for bottom lashes) is amazing, I have never found a better mascara.  I like it better than my Lancome Hypnose Mascara!

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
A lot of people rave about to EOS lipbalms, and i don't think they're worth the price.  I do have four of them, I went through my phase, but I just don't find they moisturize very well.  They coat your lips in a waxy formula which seal in moisture, but ti doesn't add any.  I don't like the price tag on them either, In some places they charge upwards of $4.99.  I can buy a Babylips for the same price or less and it does a better job.  Even Burt's Bees doesn't charge that much!

That's all for this tag! Leave some recommendations for me down below, I love trying new products and am curious as to what your favourites are!

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Christmas Tag!

Hello everyone!

So Alfie (or PointlessBlog) just did a Christmas Tag video over on his YouTube channel.  Seeing as I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, I thought I would try it out and get myself a little more pumped up for it!  He also challenged his viewers to do it, so hopefully he gives this a read :)  I'll be back with more beauty posts soon, I promise!

(I did have to modify this a little bit for blogging purposes, sorry!)

1) Whats the best present you've ever been given and why?
The best present I ever got was a trip to Boston.  My school was offering it, and the deal was if I went it be my Christmas present.  Best present ever.  I loved the trip, it was one of the best experiences of my life, and definitely the best experience of my high school career.  I'm so glad I was able to go, thanks Santa!

2) Whats the worst present you've ever been given and why?
I don't have one! My family knows me really well, and they always have me make a list of things to go off of.  I never really get "bad" presents.  I do get quite a lot of books, and sometimes there are ones I don't enjoy in the mix, but if that's my worst present ever then it's still a pretty good one!

3) Line from your favourite Christmas song?
"Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"

4) Whats your favourite Christmas film?
I recently saw "Love, Actually" and I think it would have to be that one.  It's so cute and heartwarming!

5) Show how good you are at wrapping a present.
(courtesy of Google images)
This is a fairly accurate representation.  This is why I use bags!

6) If you could rename one of Father Christmas' reindeer, what would you name it?
There needs to be a bad reindeer named Coal or something.  I feel like it should happen! 

7) Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?
The best part about Christmas for me is having time off to spend with my family.  Every year I have Christmas morning with just my mom, dad and brother, and we open our gifts and my dad usually makes a big breakfast.  We have a big Christmas at my Grandma's house (Dad's parents) on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day with my uncle and little cousins, and my Grandma cooks up a storm.  On whichever day we aren't at my Grandma's we have Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  Last year it was at my Aunt's house.  I think this year my mom is going to do it; it was my Nana's turn but my Papa can't do it now that he's on his own.

That's going to be the hardest part of this Christmas, not having my Nana there for it.  I find I'm not looking forward to Christmas as much without her here.

Please feel free to comment below answering any of these questions.  Hope this helped get you into the Christmas spirit! (19 days now!)

(Alfie, if you do read this, can you comment so I know? :) It would make my day!)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Holiday Drinks and Treats

It's that time of the year again!

I love winter, although only for the holiday/winter drinks and food.  Everything gets warmer, spiced, and flavourful. Starbucks comes out with its holiday drinks, Tim's comes out with holiday food, and I bust out my stretchy-waist jeans!

Here are a few of my all-time favourite winter specials!

In winter, Starbucks comes out with some delicious treats.  My personal favourite drink is the Gingerbread Latte.  It's that perfect balance of sweetness and spice, and it smells amazing.  They pile it high with whipped cream (the real stuff, not edible oil product!) and drizzle on a sticky layer of molasses.  Yum!

The perfect pairing with this drink is a Cranberry Bliss bar.  This little treat has a bottom layer of blondie cake, coated in cream cheese frosting, and topped with cranberries and drizzled with white chocolate.  Very decadent, but so worth it!

Second Cup
I had honestly never been to a Second Cup until I came to Uni, where we have one right one campus.  But now I am hooked. They have a ton of holiday drinks, but the one that stands out for me is the S'mores Hot Chocolate.  When I first tried it, I expected it to taste fake, but it tastes EXACTLY like s'mores (minus the burnt taste, if you make them like I do).  I have gone back at least a dozen times before class to grab one to kick start my brain.  I highly recommend you all to try this if you can, it's amazing!

Tim Horton's
I recognize that this isn't really fair to anyone outside of Canada, but since my audience is mostly Canadian I feel compelled to include it.

Timmie's puts out some good winter drinks, but I'm not really a fan.  They have a new Gingerbread White Hot Chocolate I might try this year though.

What really stands out in winter at Tim Horton's is the treats.  The Ginger Molasses cookies are a personal favourite, and have been so successful that they have been put out all year.   I also really like the Gingerbread muffin which has cranberries in it as well.  But the best one, by far, is the Gingerbread Glazed donut.  I can't even explain to you all how delicious this is.  Just go get one!

As you probably noticed, there is a a recurring theme here: gingerbread! To me, gingerbread screams "HOLIDAYS!" and it's also one of my favourite treats.  

I hope this post helped you get into the Christmas spirit, and maybe made you want to try out some of these drinks and treats.  Leave a comment below with what your favourite part of the holiday/winter season is!

Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites

Hey everyone!

So, it's that time of the month again! Time for my November favourites!

This month I haven't really changed too much in my life, but I haven't done a favourites post in awhile so most, if not everything, that I talk about will be new from the last favourites post.  Leave a comment to tell me what you've been loving this month and if you use any of these products too!

Maybelline Babylips
I am completely in love with these, I've raved about them before but they deserve another mention. I only bought my first one about a month ago, and I've used it up!  My ultimate favourite is the 10 Peppermint, it's tasty, smells amazing, and moisturizes like a dream.  I stopped using it and then the weather got colder, so my lips got super chapped and painful.  This product fixed that in two days flat. I especially love that this does exactly what it promises to in all the advertisements. 

Real Techniques Brushes
I haven't talked about these yet, mostly because I'm planning a full review, but since I haven't used another brush this month they deserved to be in my monthly favourites.  These brushes are made of hand-cut synthetic bristles that are SO soft, unlike a lot of synthetic brushes.  They don't shed on your face when you're applying makeup, and they are amazing for applying product.  The eye makeup brushes blend the product amazingly, the foundation brushes buff it into the skin flawlessly, and in the end I always have a flawless-looking face.  The best part is, they're super affordable.  I have the face kit and the eye kit, both of which were under $20.  They are absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend you buy them

Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion
This is one of the only high-end products I have ever purchased, but it is so worth it.  Weleda is an amazing brand and they make products for every age group.  I have been loving the Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion which is for women in their 20s.  It does an amazing job of hydrating my skin and leaving it super soft, whil not blocking my pores.  There are several other lines of face creams, my mom uses the Pomegranate line which is for mature skin and she loves it.  For the winter, I'm bumping up to the day cream which is a little bit thicker, but for most seasons the lotion is just fine.  They also make an Iris night cream.

MAC All That Glitters
I recently went on my first MAC trip ever and I bought two eye shadows, this being one of them.  I love this on a daily basis.  It looks great on its own or as a base blended with another colour.  It's a soft neutral with shimmer, so it makes my eyes look more awake and wider without looking like I'm wearing too much makeup.  The pigmentation is fantastic and the formulation is super soft.  I've been wearing this a lot on its own paired with a black winged-out eye.  

St. Ives Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
I normally have pretty good skin, but with the weather getting colder I've been getting dry and flaky.  In order to take off the dead skin, I went out and bought an exfoliant that was cheap.  Turns out, it's an amazing product!

Gold Band
My final favourite is a little sentimental.  It's my Nana's wedding band.  I never really talked about this on my blog or twitter, but she passed away in the middle of the month, and my Mom and Aunt decided I should have her wedding band.  It means more to me than anything else I own, and I will treasure it forever.  My Nana was my best friend, I loved her more than anything.  It's nice to have that little piece of her with me wherever I go.

There are my November favourites! I hope you enjoyed them, I love you all and I hope you have an awesome December! I'll be back with more posts later!

XOXO Laura

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Hey everyone.

Today's post is a very serious one.  In looking around me, I find a lot of people in unhealthy relationships, as can be expected with being in university.  Unfortunately, people often don't know they're in abusive relationships, and it takes an outside party to figure it out. 

That's why I am taking the time today to do a quick little post about abusive relationships, in particular the signs of an abusive relationship.  Abuse doesn't just mean physical, it can be emotional too.  I just hope that after reading this people can help themselves or each other, because abusive relationships are both hard to spot and hard to get out of, but are also extremely dangerous.

The Signs

1: Pushing for quick involvement.
This involves coming on strong very quickly, and is something like saying, "I've never felt like this before" or "I love you more than anything" near the start of a relationship.  This is a pressure for quick commitment and is not a healthy start.

2: There is excessive jealousy.
There will always be a little jealousy in all of our hearts, it is part of the human psyche.  But excessive calling to check up on you, unexpected visits, and constant jealousy towards friends or family is NOT healthy.

3: Your partner is controlling.
It is not okay to dictate who you can see, talk to, where you can go, etc.  It is not okay for them to control your social media sites.  It is not okay for them to check the mileage on your car, your credit/debit card transactions, or anything else that you do when you are not with them.  Controlling your life is not okay.

4: Unrealistic expectations.
Being expected to be the perfect person and meet your partner's every need is not healthy in a relationship.  No on is perfect, if they can't live with that then you are better off single.

5: There is isolation.
If your partner is cutting you off from your friends and family and making you the only person they interact with, they are isolating you so that you feel dependent on them and lonely.  You need to make sure there are people in your life besides a significant other in order to be healthy.

6: Your partner blames others for their mistakes.
This is especially bad if they are blaming you for what they have done.

7: Your partner makes everyone else responsible for his or her feelings.
For example, saying, "You make me angry" rather than "I am angry."  By doing this, your partner is trying to make you feel guilty for their emotions, and in a backward way is trying to make you afraid of them and complacent to their wishes.

8: Hypersensitivity.
Indications of this are being easily insulted, and raging about injustices that are part of life.

9: Cruelty towards animals and children.
If your partner does this, chances are they will act in this way towards you as well.

10: "Playful" use of force.
During sexual activity or not, this indicates a level of excitement towards forced sexual activity.  In the future, this could turn into manipulated or even forced sexual acts that you do not want to engage in.

11: Verbal abuse.
If your partner constantly criticizes you, degrades you, says cruel things, curses at you, or calls you names, that is not okay.  That is unacceptable behaviour and does not make for a healthy relationship.  Verbal abuse includes using your past against you as well.

12: Rigid gender roles.
Pressure to be overly masculine or feminine from your partner is unhealthy. Each partner should be able to express themselves, not be put into a box society has created.

13: Sudden mood swings.
Loving to angry in .2 seconds? Not a good sign.

14: He/she has a past of battering.
And says that the other person's actions or the situation brought it on and was warranted.  NO violence is EVER justified.

15: Threats of violence.
This includes threatening you, threatening others, or threatening to harm themselves.

I hope this has maybe helped someone out there with their situation.  If one of these indicators applies to you, maybe take a look at your relationship. If two or more apply to you, then seriously consider turning heel and getting away from your partner.  Unhealthy relationships make the people in them feel awful.  It lowers self-esteem, creates incredible, persistent sadness, and results in feeling lonely, isolated and helpless.

There are always resources out there if you are in this situation.  If you are, please call:

 National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 
(or check out their website for more info: http://www.thehotline.org/)

The Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-888-7-HELPLINE

or for teens Kid's Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Please stay safe everyone <3 It's impossible to pick your soul mate on the first try but you don't have to force a relationship, especially if it's unhealthy <3

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Shopaholic Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day!

Lately I've been exploring YouTube and blogs around the internet to find some inspiration, and among the millions of tags I have found a few I would like to participate in. So, inspired by THIS video, I have decided to do the Shopaholic Tag!  
Thank you weheartit.com for the pic <3


1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

Well, I do love to shop so yes, I would consider myself a shopaholic.  On the upside, I can curb my urge to shop so I don't blow all of my money! But I am a sucker for a good deal.

2. How would you classify your style?

It changes every day.  Some days I go very girl-next-door, other days very preppy.  I've been leaning more towards hipster lately though, with a little bit of grunge.  Mostly though it's tired university student haha!

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?

Shopper's Drugmart or Wal-mart, just because all of the cosmetics call my name!  Wal-Mart is the worst, I usually walk out with at least one thing I didn't intentionally go in for.  Another bad one is Ardene's, they have great accessories for the cheapest prices.

4. Where do you find the best deals?

Wal-Mart is for sure the best place ot get deals on cosmetics every day.  Target is good too.  For shoes Payless is a really good place to find deals, and for accessories Ardene's is the best.  For clothes I really like Winners, especially the one near me, because it carries a decent amount of high-end brands at really god prices.

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?

My favourites are Buffalo, Yumi, Silver, Pink Martini and Guess.  I splurged this summer on a lace bomber jacket from Guess adn while it was pricey it's eprfect for spring, summer and fall so it was worth the money.  I always buy Silver jeans because, let's face it, they make my butt look better than any other pairs of pants I've bought.  And the other three are just amazing brands with amazing clothes.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and I save up to buy higher-end clothes that will last longer, rather than buy a ton of things that won't last more than a few washes.

6. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit?

No,I don't.  If I knwo I'm going shopping I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or sweater, something that's easy to take on and off.  I also don't wear much makeup, so I don't get it in my clothes or the ones I'm trying on.  And comfy shoes are a must!  Other than that, I just try to bring a purse big enough to not forget in change rooms!

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (Aside from make up)

Candles.  I love lighting a candle when I'm studying to help me focus, or when I'm cleaning to freshen up my room, or before bed to relax me.  I honestly have a dozen different candles that I light depending on my mood.

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?

I'm not sure if this is specific or general, but either way my answer is the same: dark skinny jeans! Ones that aren't too tight, but nice and slim.  They make me look less wide in the hips and longer in the leg, I love them and own about three pairs so I never have to go a day without them!

9. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?

I guess I would say wearing beanies.  I love wearing a beanie, I have one that looks like a cat and it's probably my favourite thing to wear.  I also don't look bad in hats, and sometimes they just complete an outfit.  The other would be big comfy sweater, if that trend never dies I will be happy as a clam.

10. What trend did you love that passed way to quickly?

Long necklaces! That trend lasted about four months when I was in high school and then all of a sudden disappeared! I loved that trend! (Although it should be noted that I still wear mine, regardless of whether it's'in' or not! If you love it, wear it!)

11. Who is your fashion icon?

I think someone whose fashion I admire would have to be Tanya Burr or Zoe Sugg (or both.  Let's go with both!)  They both have amazing style, which I am incredibly envious of, and they are magicians with makeup! They are also two major inspirations for me starting this blog!  I tend not to look up to celebrities, because they are so fake and unrelateable, but Tanya and Zoe are YouTubers, which makes them more like a friend.

Well, that's it for me! Leave comments below and tell me about your shopaholic tendencies!  And don't forget to click the subscribe button on the right, I can see you all lurking, you know you want to ;)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My First MAC!

Hey guys!

So I am very excited! I went to MAC for the first time the other day! As a beauty blogger this is going to be a shocker to you all, and now that I have gone, I feel enlightened, let me tell you.

The whole experience was really good.  I didn't go to a big store, I went to one of the booths in The Bay where I got to school, but there was so much there.  One of the employees said they carry the majority of MAC products, there are only about ten eyeshadows they don't carry for example.

So the selection was huge.  For the first bit I just looked around, and I had two or three employees ask me if I wanted help and if I was doing okay.  I thanked them and said no to needing help, but after about fifteen minutes of being overwhelmed, I finally asked an employee for assistance.

The employee was so helpful! I told her I was looking for two shades to wear together, and that I tend to go for light eye makeup and she helped me pick out a shade to go with the one colour I had already picked out.  What I really loved was that she didn't make me faff around, or try to get me to buy more than I wanted to.  She was professional, knowledgeable, and above all POLITE!

Now, on to the goodies!

You can kind of see the colours in this light, aren't they pretty?
I bought two eyeshadows, and both were colours I had on my list.

Left: Sumptuous Olive. Right: All That Glitters. 
The first is one I bought is Sumptuous Olive and the Second is All The Glitters.  These are fantastic, I love them! The pigmentation is great, they are so smooth, and they last all day.  I have semi-oily eyelids, and it barely even creases!  And just like the employee said, they go great together.  I've been wearing All That Glitters all over the lid, with Sumptuous Olive blended into the crease and outer corner.

All in all, I give my first MAC experience and purchase a 10/10.  I know these are pricey products, but they were worth the splurge, and if I ever go to a big store I'll be buying a pallette and the refill pans.  I can tell this is going to turn into my new makeup addiction! I have a list of things I want actually...

How about you? Have any of you gone to MAC or bought their stuff? What do you think and what are your favourite products?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

All Time Favourites

Hey everyone.  This is just a quick post.  Things in my life have gotten busy and, if I'm being honest, sh*tty. I don't even want to get up in the morning, let alone go to classes and do everything else I have to do, which means blogging has been put on the back burner.

So enjoy a little post of my All Time Favourite products, some of which you'll have seen already, and bear with me until things get sorted <3

Foundation: This will come as no surprise, but I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  It's truly the only foundation I have tried that I really like. I do like a nice BB cream though instead of a foundation, the Rimmel one being my favorite.

Concealer: Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter.  I hunted for ages and dropped too much money on crappy concealers before I found this and it is truly amazing (although I'm not a fan of the packaging, I'd like ti better if it was a doe-foot applicator rather than the squeezy tube.)

Powder: I have to say the Maybelline Dream Matte powder.  It's not as chalky as the Physician's Formula powder I used to use and goes on lighter rather than cakey.

Blush: Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink.  Amazing colour, amazing pigmentation, just a great product.

Eyeshadow: MAC. MACMACMAC. I bought my very first MAC eyeshadows recently and I finally understand why everyone loves them so much.  I use All The Glitters all over the lid with Sumptuous Olive in the crease.

Eyeliner: Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie or GOSH Velvet Touch in Golden Moss.

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies in Black.

Lipstick: Maybelline ColourSensational in 235 Warm Me Up.

Lipgloss: Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Tint in Magenta Mint.

Lipbalm: I love my BabyLips, but I also like a plain beeswax on my lips.

Brushes: Most definitely the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman of pixiwoo. These brushes are fantastic.  I won't rave too much because I have a big review post of them planned, but I will  say that if you don't own them, you should.

Candle: Bath & Body Works Blackberry Spice.  Hands down, no competition.  It smells like fall, and Christmas, and comfort and I LOVE IT!

Perfume: Lily Bermuda Pink.  I bought this when I was on holiday in Bermuda two summers ago and I am stringing it out as long as possible because I don't know if I can get my hands on it again, they only sell it on the island.  I like this scent because it's light and fresh, but it's also unique to me which I love.

Lotion: Although it's expensive, I love the Creme Anglaise potion from LUSH.  I got a gift box from my ex-boyfriend for Christmas last year (If you're reading this, hey Justin!) and I used up everything in it but the lotion.  The scent is so luxurious but it's super expensive so I ration it out to myself.

Nails: I don't do my nails much, but I tend to go for a dark or a grey colour when I do so I'd have to say the Sally Hansen Insta-dry in 310 Slick Slate as 50% of the time if I have nail polish on it's that one.

Alright guys, that's all for now. I'll be back later when life has gotten a little bit better.  Needless to say, it's been one thing after another this month and it's been hard <3