Friday, 30 August 2013

Good Deeds

Sorry for the lack of a proper post the last few days, things have been super busy.  I went to a concert (post to come on that) and have been working and PACKING!  My days are consumed with packing and stress.

But I heard a really cute story about good deeds tonight, and I thought I would share with you.  Keep up everyone's faith in the human race.

A couple months ago, my manager, Mo, was working when she was handed a grocery bag that a customer had left behind.  She didn't look in the bag, just set it asie, assuming whoever owned it would come and pick it up. 

By the end of the night, the bag was still there, so Mo looked inside to see if there was anything of vital importance.

Inside the bag there were six passports, six health cards, and two driver's licenses.

Mo called the police and handed the bag to them so that the owner could get them back.  Later, a woman got in contact with Mo to thank her for finding the bag; the woman nver realized she had forgotten it.

The owner insisted on giving Mo something as a thank you, offering to donate money to any staff events we might have. But Mo refused.  She said it was part of her job, and she was just glad the woman got it back. There was no need for compensation.

A month later, the woman showed up and asked my co-worker to speak to Mo.  She tried to hand her a folded bill, but Mo again refused, saying it was part of her job. The woman was genuinely grateful though, and Mo said if she felt as though she needed to pay it back, she should put the money in the charity box that my restaurant has for our corporation's charity.  The woman agreed, and put the money in the slot.

It wasn't until later that we realized, the woman had donated $100 to our charity.  She was a genuinely nice and grateful woman, and what she did was amazing.  As a restaurant, we are grateful for her donation.  But as an individual, she has restored my faith in the human race.  There are genuinely nice people out there and I am blessed to have seen one such person in action.

So that's my story of the day for you.  I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  If you have any stories like that, please leave a comment below telling me <3

Saturday, 24 August 2013


GOSH Click and Conceal in 02
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Beige
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Medium
Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Rose 302

GOSH Eyeshadow Base
Annabelle Eyeliner in Brownie
Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black
Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Sands 110

Kate Moss by Rimmel in 01
Just a quick little post for you guys from when I went out last night <3 I wore a cute little stripped navy dress and a red polka-dot headband (from Claire's).  Unfortunately my outfit picture didn't turn out and I didn't realize so no OOTD. Next time!  But it was all very 1940s :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

25 Facts About Me!

Hey everyone, so I've posted a few times and I think its about time you knew a little bit more about myself.

So, my name is Laura (1) and I live in Canada (2).  I am heading off to university in September (3) and CAN NOT wait, I am so excited (4)!  I have a younger brother (5) and a cat (6).

I love shopping (7) but it wasn't until very recently that I learned how to shop properly (8), and by that I mean quality over quantity and to buy what flatters my body, not necessarily what is trendy.  My favourite stores for clothing tend to be little independently owned shops (9) but I also like H&M, Garage, and anywhere with quality products (10).  My favourite piece of clothing that I own is my Silver jeans (11) and my university sweater (12).  I rarely wear dresses or skirts (13) but I'm trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe more.

I have a huge weakness for lipstick (14).  I would spend all of my money on lipstick if I could.  My current favourite shade is Crystal Mauve by Rimmel (15) BUT I CAN NEVER FIND IT ANYMORE! Sad face.  I have gotten a lot more adventurous with my lip colours in the last month (16) and have bought tons of darks and brights instead of sticking to my usual nudes.

I have recently got more into wearing nail polish as well (17).  Because of my job I used to not wear too much but now they have lifted the no polish rule so I can (18).  My favourite nail colour at the moment is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in shade Mint Sorbet (19) which looks a lot like Mint Candy Apple from Essie.  I used to wear a lot of bright reds and pinks on my nails (20) but now I wear more pastels because they look nice with my summer-tanned hands (21).

What else... I am really shy and socially awkward (22).  I also struggle with a lot of self-doubt and hatred (23).  I look up to YouTubers like Tanya Burr and Zoe because they are such strong people (24).

And finally: I love each and every person who comes to this blog and takes a look at what I have to say <3 (25).

[This was supposed to be 50 facts but I found even 25 quite difficult, thus it is shorter!]

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My favourite things!

Here is a post of my favourite things in the beauty and fashion world! Enjoy!

Favourite Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (I wear the shade light beige)
Favourite Face Powder: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear powder
Favourite Blusher: Govergirl
Favourite Mascara: Covergirl Professional Mascara (I wear black)
Favourite Lipstick: Rimmel (in shade Crystal Mauve)
Favourite Nail Polish Brand: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (currently obsessed with the colour Mint Sorbet)
Favourite Shampoo: Prairie Naturals Northern Lights (moisture balancing)
Favourite Body Wash/Soap: Sea Vegetable soap from Lush
Favourite Bath Product: Pop in the Bath bubble bar from Lush
Favourite Scented Candle: Watermelon Lemonade from Bath & Body Works
Favourite Face Product: the Love Lettuce face mask from Lush, Aubrey Organics Facial Toner #3 for Oily/Combination Skin
Favourite Makup Remover: Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
Favourite Hair Product: Aussie styling mousse
Favourite Store (beauty): LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite Store (clothing): I don't have one, I shop a little bit at a lot of places
Favourite Type of Clothing: JEANS!
Favourite Brand(s): Silver, Guess, Pink Martini, Lush, Covergirl, Maybelline, Rimmel, Sally Hansen,

Leave a comment below if you want to hear more about some of these products individually or if you'd like me to redo this post with some pictures! <3

Friday, 16 August 2013

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

Little bit different post for you all tonight.  I'd say I'm sorry but this is something I feel the need to say.

As I have mentioned, I work in the fast food industry.  Due to the social media policy, I cannot say where, but you have all probably eaten there (unless you're afraid of clowns...)

So I was working tonight and everyone who came in was really grumpy.  Adults were being rude, kids were being brats, and the occassional parent was screaming at/getting phsyical with their child (which really grinds my gears, I must say).

But all was semi-bearable until about five minutes before the end of my shift, when a middle-aged couple came in.

Clearly the husband was whipped because I don't think he opened his mouth once, not even to order.  But the wife opened her mouth enough for the two of them, as well as the entire line up behind her.

She was terrible.  Rude doesn't even cut it.  She was basically bullying my poor manager and my co-worker, to the point where I was seeing red and couldn't even bring myself to hold back the eyerolls or snide, under-my-breath comments/

A few things happened, but I missed some of it as I had to remove myself from the immediate vicinity before I ended up fired.

The first was her wait time.  While I admit, it wasn't up to lightning-fast standards, she had been in a line and there was a line behind her.  There was limited staff and we were dashing around at warp speed trying to get everyone done.  But in the spam of her 3 minute wait, she complained at least once every 30 seconds about how long it was taking.

You know what? 3 minutes is a hell of a lot shorter than if you had cooked it yourself.

The second thing that happened was so stupid.  She came up to the counter and very rudely announced that there was no salt in the condiment table in the lobby.  Because she had about ten packets in her hand, we didn't realize it was urgent that we get her more.  So she went off at my manager about why she hadn't found the time while serving the huge lineup to fill the salt.

Next, she bitched about her drink.  Now, our drink fountain has been on the fritz and the root beer has been foaming a lot, which my co-worker, who had just started, hadn't been informed of.  So when she sucked up some of her pop, she realized it was only about half full.  Instead of being nice about it, she practically threw it in my managers face and yelled at her for a) an honest mistake and b) something she didn't do.

Part of working in the place I do is that people treat you poorly.  I am frequently treated like a five year old who has no brain, when in actuality I was an honours student with a 92 average in highschool who is working this job to finance my university education.

However, my occupation, or anyone else's does not mean you can treat them poorly.  My poor manager had spent a good portion of the afternoon filling out reports because she had needed to call an ambulance for a customer who was ill.  She was very stressed and did not need to be treated like dirt.

I guess what I'm trying to say with this post is that you should always treat people how you would like to be treated.  Never assume that since someone works at McDonald's or Tim Hortons or Diary Queen that means they are an idiot.

You never know someone's story.  I don't know if that customer had been having a bad day, so maybe I shouldn't use her as my example.  But I think that any abuse to a person who is working any sort of job, especially one as shitty as serving people fast food all day, is completely bogus and shoudn't be tolerated.

What do you guys think? Does anyone else get treated like this at their job? Please let me know I'm not alone <3
For all those ladies out there who need a reason to laugh once a month, enjoy this funny video to make that time a little bit funnier.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shock Horror

This is a beauty blogger's worst nightmare. I realized a few days ago that, come September, I will not have an entire bathroom cupboard to myself like I do now.  Which means that my makeup needs to find a new home.

And by new home I mean this two-drawer plastic bin.

I think this thing is utterly hideous to start, and also not a very functional piece of storage.  The drawers stick and its not very big.  I have no idea how I'm going to make this work.  I wish I was creative with my storage.

Do any of you have any storage ideas? Can any of you help me with storing my copious makeup collection without taking up too much space? <3

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bargain Buy: Sally Hansen nail polish in shade Mint Sorbet

For if you love: Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple
I have a confession to make. I don’t wear nail polish much. I like buying nail polish more than actually wearing it. Part of the problem is I work quite a bit and I work in the fast food industry (currently). This basically boils down to no nail polish for Laura
However, I am a sucker for a cute shade and recently I’ve been pelted with recommendations from Zoe (YouTube beauty blogger) to try out Mint Candy Apple from Essie. I’ve held off because I have had no cash to spare but the other day I was in Walmart and decided to grab it and try it.
Long story short, I was still too poor to buy the Essie shade. But I actually found something better! It’s a shade called Mint Sorbet from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and it costs $2 per bottle compared to $8 or more for the Essie shade. And it lasts so well. I worked with it on and it didn’t chip. I’ve even washed my hair and my mani is still pristine.
(I thought I would include a picture to show you all what it actually looks like.  Ignore the one grey thumb, I was trying an accent nail.)

So for those of you who are looking for a great summer polish, I highly recommend Mint Sorbet from Sally Hansen

Rating: 9/10

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I need your help!

Alright people, I am in need of your assistance!

While I am a makeup girl, there are some things I am more knowledgeable about than others, and being a person who always goes for very pale skin, I know next to nothing about blusher/blushes (whatever you want to call it).  I own two, one that is extremely unflattering when I have even the slightest tan (winter only), and one that is horrific if I am too pale (summer only, and not even always then). To be fair, these shades WERE NOT picked out by me or when I was in the store!

So I need your help!

Leave a comment below and help me get a new blush.  I am mostly looking for brands and specific products that you all like, I can pick out shades.  I prefer powder, but if you really like a creme blush let me know about that too.

Thank you all so much! I will buy the product and leave a little thank you/mini review post later on, so get cracking!

Fashion Pick: Silver Brand Jeans

I’m not much of a brand girl. I buy what fits and what looks nice. But sometimes a brand does grab my attention and I’m hooked.
My go-to clothing staple has always been jeans. I love jeans. I live in mine, and as much as I have been trying to wear more skirts lately, my jeans will never be replaced.
Here’s my issue. I while I’m not overweight, I’m also not super skinny. I have a butt. My thighs touch. And in the wrong cut of pant, I have the ever-dreaded muffin top.
Thankfully, Silver jeans exists. I have been wearing this brand for at least five years and won’t buy anything else for my plain denims. I only stray from the Silver path for my coloured jeans because I know I won’t wear them often enough to justify paying the money.
Silver has a great cut for anyone and a ton of variety. I prefer dark denim, skinny legged, with a medium rise to smooth out my belly. And I swear, wearing them makes my hips look smaller, and my butt look great. They completely flatter my figure. These jeans are actually magic.
In case my word isn’t enough, my aunt and my mom both wear Silvers and love them. In fact my first pair of SIlvers was a pair of hand-me-downs from my aunt! The brand is super versatile so there is a pair for any body, any taste, and any age. I guarantee if you go looking for a pair you will find something you love.
These jeans run at about $80- $100 a pair which is mid-range in price (for decent denim at least) and are worth every penny. They don’t stretch or shrink, they fade very little, and take a good beating. They very seldom wear out. I’ve had one pair for four years and they still look brand new. And even better, these jeans are more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants.
I HIGHLY recommend that the next time you need jeans, you buy a pair of Silvers. They will change your life and make you love denim again.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Product Review: Wet n Wild Lipstick

So I recently went a little bit crazy in the cosmetics aisle and bought a ton of new lipsticks, and foundation and basically a lot of stuff I really didn’t need. However, these little gems were among the things I bought and I am so glad I did!
I bought two colours, colour 547B Breeze and 522A Dark Wine.  Breeze is a lovely shimmery nude that adds a little shimmer to your lips without saturating them with too much colour.  Dark Wine is a deep burgundy that makes a great bold statement.  It’s quite fancy, in my opinion, and looks really refined and posh when put on.
These lip colours are amazing.  They give the perfect amount of colour without being too heavy on your lips, and they last really well too.  I think the best part is that they glide and are really soft and buttery going on, and that feeling lasts as long as the lipstick does. Some lipsticks feel like they dry out your lips, but these definitely do not.
I would highly recommend that you go out and get these.  Actually, I was out with my friend Emma the other day and she bought one and loves it as well.  Plus, the price tag is great, especially if you’re getting a colour you won't be wearing very often, like the Deep Wine.
Cons: I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, I don’t find it very attractive and the mechanism to push the stick up is a little sketchy.  One of mine is fine but the other one is quite loose and falls down when I’m applying the colour.  And the casing itself is very fragile, so make sure you don’t drop it!
Price: $1.57 at Walmart
Rating: 9/10

Friday, 2 August 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag: Weekend Away

I'm going away this weekend so I though I'd do a quick What's In My Makeup Bag for you since there won't be a post for a couple of days!

1) Mascara- Covergirl Professional in Black
2) Mentha Lip Tint from Bath & Body Works in Magenta Mint
3) Gosh Eye Shadow Base stick
4) Eyeliners- Annabelle Smooth Liner in Brownie; Covergirl Perfect Point Plus in Black Onyx; Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Golden Moss
5) Covergirl Continuous Color Blush in Plumberry
6) Quo Treasure Box (Contains Eye Shadows, Lip Glosses, Blushes, Bronzers, and Pressed Powders)
7) Weleda Iris Hydrating Face Lotion
8) Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand (Medium)
9) Lancome Bi-Facile Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
10) Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Light Beige
11) Lipsticks- (from left to right) Rimmel Moisture Renew in Crystal Mauve; Maybelline Color Sensational in Ruby Star; Maybelline Color Sensational in Blissful Berry; Shade 405 Fairytale from Covergirl
12) Joe Fresh Eye Shadow Quad in Cool Neautrals

Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Haul

Here's a little peek at all the things I bought this July! (Or what I remember buying this July).

So I went on a bit of a spree at Ardenes this month and bought a few things.  I love that they have those 3 items for $15 all year round, it makes it a great place to find cheap, seasonal stuff on the fly.

This time I bought a hat.
I love hats and they really suit me.  This one is a really light straw fedora with a leopard print ribbon around the top of the brim.  Its super cute with dresses and skirts!

I also bought two pairs of sunglasses at Ardenes, because somehow I managed to lose the three pairs I bought two summers ago.
Sunglasses are much different than hats.  I look terrible in sunglasses! It took nearly twenty minutes just to find these two pairs.  But they're both super cute.  The top ones are oversized and brown with a big fake jewel on the side of each arm.  The ones below are more like Ray-Bans and have polka dots on the outside of the arms but a super cute floral on the inside.

Total spent at Ardene's: $15

Next up is Walmart.  I know it sounds crazy, but I love Walmart.  You can find tons of stuff there and a lot of the time it's discounted.  The first things I bought were these nail polishes.
 I've really been trying to wear more nail polish this summer, especially since my nails have gotten a lot nicer and stronger lately.  I bought two different types of polish, but both are by the same brand, Sally Hansen.  I love Sally Hansen polishes, I just want to put that on record.

The first polish on the left is in shade Mint Sorbet from the Xtreme Wear line.  It's very similar to Mint Candy Apple from Essie but at a much nicer price.  I also bought shade White On from the same line (on the right).

The one in the center is from the Insta-Dry line and it's in the shade Slick Slate.  It's a very nice grey colour.  And as promised, it dries extremely quickly.

Next up is my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  I actually bought this really early on in the month after watching Tanya Burr recommend it a few hundred times

This foundation has quickly become one of my favourites.  It goes on so well, and has amazing coverage.  The colour matches my skin exactly, no orange-y-ness or weird lines where the foundation stops.  And it smells amazing! Usually I find foundation stinks, but this actually smells really good! And its lasts for a really long time, all day if you aren't too sweaty and active.

And finally, I bought a pair of shoes. I had been eyeing these shoes for months, they are so adorable and I had the perfect dresses and skirts to pair them with.  So as soon as I got the money, I went out and bought them.

They weren't too expensive which is good because they do have limited use.  They're pretty comfortable because the heel isn't too high, and they can be tied up nice and tight.  The only thing I don't like is that I can't wear socks with them (ick).  Also, according to the friend who was with me when I bought them, they make my ankles look good.

Total spent at Walmart: $45

Next up is some clothing.  I really didn't buy too many clothes this month.  What I did buy was a little on the pricier side though.

First up is a dress.  I bought this dress from a privately owned stored where I live.  The woman who owns it is a lovely woman, who also happens to be the mother of my brother's best friend.  I bought this dress for my commencement ceremony  in October and I got it for half off the original price because it was an extra small and wasn't selling, plus it was the very last one in the store.
I love this dress SO MUCH! It's form-fitting without being too tight (it's far from slutty, let's put it that way) and it actually flatters instead of showing every icky bump.  I love the coral colour, it really pops, and the black lace just adds a bit of interest.  I think my favourite part is how much it looks like a dress someone on Madmen would wear!

The second thing I bought is a Guess jacket.

It's a black lace bomber jacket and is so cute but edgy at the same time.  I know I am going to get a ton of wear out of this, which is how I justified the price, because it can go with nearly everything I have in my closet (score!).

Total spent: $100 (my mom bought the dress for me...)

My mom and I also went on a trip to Lush recently and I was really good, I made a list and a budget and stuck to it.
I bought two things for myself.  The first is the Space Girl bath bomb (top) which smells like blackcurrants and is almost delicious enough to eat. I can't wait to try it!  Currently I can't bring myself to use it because it is making my room smell so nice...

At the bottom there is a Pop in the Bath bubble bar.  I buy one of these every time I go to Lush, it is far and away my favourite bubble bar and it smells SO GOOD!

My mom bought a Love Lettuce face mask for the two of us to share as well, and so far I am  loving it.  It exfoliates without being too harsh and leaves my skin super soft.  It does smell a little strange though...

Total spent at Lush: $15

I also bought a few lipsticks this month, but I'll only talk about the two I remember buying.  I can't remember where I got them but they're really nice.
Let's focus on the two tubes on the bottom.  The one on the right is Covergirl in shade 405 fairytale.  I'm not the biggest fan of it, I don't like how it goes on.  But the colour evens out nicely with a slick of gloss over top, which redeems it somewhat.

The second one is Maybelline in shade 410 Blissful Berry and I adore it! The dark purple is really different but still looks amazing and it goes on really well and stays on as well.  I've had the same type before in a different colour and I always am pleased with it.

Now, the lipglosses at the top were a gift to me from my boyfriend, Robbie.  He went away to Boston and brought me back a few things from Bath & Body Works. These are the Mentha Lip Tints in Plum Mint and Magenta Mint, and the Mentha Shimmer Tint in Pearl Mint.  These are great layered over lipstick or on their own.  The peppermint oil tingles and makes your lips a little plumper and a lot more hydrated.  All in all, I think he did very well for a guy (his sister must have helped).

He also got me a really nice candle in the Watermelon Lemonade scent.  It is currently burning because it smells so mouthwatering.  It's awesome and very summery.

And my final haul item for July are these adorable bobby pins my Nana bought me from the same store I got my dress and jacket at.  I just think these are really cute and great for pinning back the short bit at the front of my hair.

That's the end of my July haul post.  I hope you guys liked it! Feel free to recommend products for me to try in August in the comment section!