Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Hey everyone.

Today's post is a very serious one.  In looking around me, I find a lot of people in unhealthy relationships, as can be expected with being in university.  Unfortunately, people often don't know they're in abusive relationships, and it takes an outside party to figure it out. 

That's why I am taking the time today to do a quick little post about abusive relationships, in particular the signs of an abusive relationship.  Abuse doesn't just mean physical, it can be emotional too.  I just hope that after reading this people can help themselves or each other, because abusive relationships are both hard to spot and hard to get out of, but are also extremely dangerous.

The Signs

1: Pushing for quick involvement.
This involves coming on strong very quickly, and is something like saying, "I've never felt like this before" or "I love you more than anything" near the start of a relationship.  This is a pressure for quick commitment and is not a healthy start.

2: There is excessive jealousy.
There will always be a little jealousy in all of our hearts, it is part of the human psyche.  But excessive calling to check up on you, unexpected visits, and constant jealousy towards friends or family is NOT healthy.

3: Your partner is controlling.
It is not okay to dictate who you can see, talk to, where you can go, etc.  It is not okay for them to control your social media sites.  It is not okay for them to check the mileage on your car, your credit/debit card transactions, or anything else that you do when you are not with them.  Controlling your life is not okay.

4: Unrealistic expectations.
Being expected to be the perfect person and meet your partner's every need is not healthy in a relationship.  No on is perfect, if they can't live with that then you are better off single.

5: There is isolation.
If your partner is cutting you off from your friends and family and making you the only person they interact with, they are isolating you so that you feel dependent on them and lonely.  You need to make sure there are people in your life besides a significant other in order to be healthy.

6: Your partner blames others for their mistakes.
This is especially bad if they are blaming you for what they have done.

7: Your partner makes everyone else responsible for his or her feelings.
For example, saying, "You make me angry" rather than "I am angry."  By doing this, your partner is trying to make you feel guilty for their emotions, and in a backward way is trying to make you afraid of them and complacent to their wishes.

8: Hypersensitivity.
Indications of this are being easily insulted, and raging about injustices that are part of life.

9: Cruelty towards animals and children.
If your partner does this, chances are they will act in this way towards you as well.

10: "Playful" use of force.
During sexual activity or not, this indicates a level of excitement towards forced sexual activity.  In the future, this could turn into manipulated or even forced sexual acts that you do not want to engage in.

11: Verbal abuse.
If your partner constantly criticizes you, degrades you, says cruel things, curses at you, or calls you names, that is not okay.  That is unacceptable behaviour and does not make for a healthy relationship.  Verbal abuse includes using your past against you as well.

12: Rigid gender roles.
Pressure to be overly masculine or feminine from your partner is unhealthy. Each partner should be able to express themselves, not be put into a box society has created.

13: Sudden mood swings.
Loving to angry in .2 seconds? Not a good sign.

14: He/she has a past of battering.
And says that the other person's actions or the situation brought it on and was warranted.  NO violence is EVER justified.

15: Threats of violence.
This includes threatening you, threatening others, or threatening to harm themselves.

I hope this has maybe helped someone out there with their situation.  If one of these indicators applies to you, maybe take a look at your relationship. If two or more apply to you, then seriously consider turning heel and getting away from your partner.  Unhealthy relationships make the people in them feel awful.  It lowers self-esteem, creates incredible, persistent sadness, and results in feeling lonely, isolated and helpless.

There are always resources out there if you are in this situation.  If you are, please call:

 National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 
(or check out their website for more info: http://www.thehotline.org/)

The Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-888-7-HELPLINE

or for teens Kid's Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Please stay safe everyone <3 It's impossible to pick your soul mate on the first try but you don't have to force a relationship, especially if it's unhealthy <3

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Shopaholic Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day!

Lately I've been exploring YouTube and blogs around the internet to find some inspiration, and among the millions of tags I have found a few I would like to participate in. So, inspired by THIS video, I have decided to do the Shopaholic Tag!  
Thank you weheartit.com for the pic <3


1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

Well, I do love to shop so yes, I would consider myself a shopaholic.  On the upside, I can curb my urge to shop so I don't blow all of my money! But I am a sucker for a good deal.

2. How would you classify your style?

It changes every day.  Some days I go very girl-next-door, other days very preppy.  I've been leaning more towards hipster lately though, with a little bit of grunge.  Mostly though it's tired university student haha!

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?

Shopper's Drugmart or Wal-mart, just because all of the cosmetics call my name!  Wal-Mart is the worst, I usually walk out with at least one thing I didn't intentionally go in for.  Another bad one is Ardene's, they have great accessories for the cheapest prices.

4. Where do you find the best deals?

Wal-Mart is for sure the best place ot get deals on cosmetics every day.  Target is good too.  For shoes Payless is a really good place to find deals, and for accessories Ardene's is the best.  For clothes I really like Winners, especially the one near me, because it carries a decent amount of high-end brands at really god prices.

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?

My favourites are Buffalo, Yumi, Silver, Pink Martini and Guess.  I splurged this summer on a lace bomber jacket from Guess adn while it was pricey it's eprfect for spring, summer and fall so it was worth the money.  I always buy Silver jeans because, let's face it, they make my butt look better than any other pairs of pants I've bought.  And the other three are just amazing brands with amazing clothes.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and I save up to buy higher-end clothes that will last longer, rather than buy a ton of things that won't last more than a few washes.

6. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit?

No,I don't.  If I knwo I'm going shopping I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or sweater, something that's easy to take on and off.  I also don't wear much makeup, so I don't get it in my clothes or the ones I'm trying on.  And comfy shoes are a must!  Other than that, I just try to bring a purse big enough to not forget in change rooms!

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (Aside from make up)

Candles.  I love lighting a candle when I'm studying to help me focus, or when I'm cleaning to freshen up my room, or before bed to relax me.  I honestly have a dozen different candles that I light depending on my mood.

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?

I'm not sure if this is specific or general, but either way my answer is the same: dark skinny jeans! Ones that aren't too tight, but nice and slim.  They make me look less wide in the hips and longer in the leg, I love them and own about three pairs so I never have to go a day without them!

9. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?

I guess I would say wearing beanies.  I love wearing a beanie, I have one that looks like a cat and it's probably my favourite thing to wear.  I also don't look bad in hats, and sometimes they just complete an outfit.  The other would be big comfy sweater, if that trend never dies I will be happy as a clam.

10. What trend did you love that passed way to quickly?

Long necklaces! That trend lasted about four months when I was in high school and then all of a sudden disappeared! I loved that trend! (Although it should be noted that I still wear mine, regardless of whether it's'in' or not! If you love it, wear it!)

11. Who is your fashion icon?

I think someone whose fashion I admire would have to be Tanya Burr or Zoe Sugg (or both.  Let's go with both!)  They both have amazing style, which I am incredibly envious of, and they are magicians with makeup! They are also two major inspirations for me starting this blog!  I tend not to look up to celebrities, because they are so fake and unrelateable, but Tanya and Zoe are YouTubers, which makes them more like a friend.

Well, that's it for me! Leave comments below and tell me about your shopaholic tendencies!  And don't forget to click the subscribe button on the right, I can see you all lurking, you know you want to ;)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My First MAC!

Hey guys!

So I am very excited! I went to MAC for the first time the other day! As a beauty blogger this is going to be a shocker to you all, and now that I have gone, I feel enlightened, let me tell you.

The whole experience was really good.  I didn't go to a big store, I went to one of the booths in The Bay where I got to school, but there was so much there.  One of the employees said they carry the majority of MAC products, there are only about ten eyeshadows they don't carry for example.

So the selection was huge.  For the first bit I just looked around, and I had two or three employees ask me if I wanted help and if I was doing okay.  I thanked them and said no to needing help, but after about fifteen minutes of being overwhelmed, I finally asked an employee for assistance.

The employee was so helpful! I told her I was looking for two shades to wear together, and that I tend to go for light eye makeup and she helped me pick out a shade to go with the one colour I had already picked out.  What I really loved was that she didn't make me faff around, or try to get me to buy more than I wanted to.  She was professional, knowledgeable, and above all POLITE!

Now, on to the goodies!

You can kind of see the colours in this light, aren't they pretty?
I bought two eyeshadows, and both were colours I had on my list.

Left: Sumptuous Olive. Right: All That Glitters. 
The first is one I bought is Sumptuous Olive and the Second is All The Glitters.  These are fantastic, I love them! The pigmentation is great, they are so smooth, and they last all day.  I have semi-oily eyelids, and it barely even creases!  And just like the employee said, they go great together.  I've been wearing All That Glitters all over the lid, with Sumptuous Olive blended into the crease and outer corner.

All in all, I give my first MAC experience and purchase a 10/10.  I know these are pricey products, but they were worth the splurge, and if I ever go to a big store I'll be buying a pallette and the refill pans.  I can tell this is going to turn into my new makeup addiction! I have a list of things I want actually...

How about you? Have any of you gone to MAC or bought their stuff? What do you think and what are your favourite products?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

All Time Favourites

Hey everyone.  This is just a quick post.  Things in my life have gotten busy and, if I'm being honest, sh*tty. I don't even want to get up in the morning, let alone go to classes and do everything else I have to do, which means blogging has been put on the back burner.

So enjoy a little post of my All Time Favourite products, some of which you'll have seen already, and bear with me until things get sorted <3

Foundation: This will come as no surprise, but I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  It's truly the only foundation I have tried that I really like. I do like a nice BB cream though instead of a foundation, the Rimmel one being my favorite.

Concealer: Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter.  I hunted for ages and dropped too much money on crappy concealers before I found this and it is truly amazing (although I'm not a fan of the packaging, I'd like ti better if it was a doe-foot applicator rather than the squeezy tube.)

Powder: I have to say the Maybelline Dream Matte powder.  It's not as chalky as the Physician's Formula powder I used to use and goes on lighter rather than cakey.

Blush: Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink.  Amazing colour, amazing pigmentation, just a great product.

Eyeshadow: MAC. MACMACMAC. I bought my very first MAC eyeshadows recently and I finally understand why everyone loves them so much.  I use All The Glitters all over the lid with Sumptuous Olive in the crease.

Eyeliner: Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie or GOSH Velvet Touch in Golden Moss.

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies in Black.

Lipstick: Maybelline ColourSensational in 235 Warm Me Up.

Lipgloss: Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Tint in Magenta Mint.

Lipbalm: I love my BabyLips, but I also like a plain beeswax on my lips.

Brushes: Most definitely the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman of pixiwoo. These brushes are fantastic.  I won't rave too much because I have a big review post of them planned, but I will  say that if you don't own them, you should.

Candle: Bath & Body Works Blackberry Spice.  Hands down, no competition.  It smells like fall, and Christmas, and comfort and I LOVE IT!

Perfume: Lily Bermuda Pink.  I bought this when I was on holiday in Bermuda two summers ago and I am stringing it out as long as possible because I don't know if I can get my hands on it again, they only sell it on the island.  I like this scent because it's light and fresh, but it's also unique to me which I love.

Lotion: Although it's expensive, I love the Creme Anglaise potion from LUSH.  I got a gift box from my ex-boyfriend for Christmas last year (If you're reading this, hey Justin!) and I used up everything in it but the lotion.  The scent is so luxurious but it's super expensive so I ration it out to myself.

Nails: I don't do my nails much, but I tend to go for a dark or a grey colour when I do so I'd have to say the Sally Hansen Insta-dry in 310 Slick Slate as 50% of the time if I have nail polish on it's that one.

Alright guys, that's all for now. I'll be back later when life has gotten a little bit better.  Needless to say, it's been one thing after another this month and it's been hard <3

Friday, 8 November 2013

TAG- How Much Is Your Face Worth?

Hello, hello!

I was over reading Louise's blog posts from waaaaay back when I came across  the How Much Is Your Face Worth tag.  I thought this would be pretty cool (and possibly shocking and horrifying) so I thought, why not give it a go?

Also me... being weird...
On my face: 
Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation- $12
GOSH Concealer- $16
Maybelline Dream Matte powder- $8
Maybelline Fit Me blush- $8

Eyes and Brows:
Annabelle brow/eye pencil- $5
GOSH Eyeshadow Base- $16 (this is discontinued and I've had it for years so I'm not sure how accurate this price is, sorry!)
Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio- $8
Maybelline EyeStudio Gel liner- $10
Covergirl mascara- $8

Maybelline ColourSensational lipstick- $8
Bath & Bodyworks Mentha Lip Tint- $8

*A few of these figures are guesses from what I remember paying but most I looked up*

Total: $107

Whoa! That's crazy! I was not expecting that!

I buy most of my products from Wal-Mart so this figure is much lower than if I bought it at somewhere like Shopper's Drugmart but it's still so high! And not all of these prices include tax either...  The next experiment is going to be to see how much my makeup collection is worth! *shudders*.

This isn't even all of the products I usually use.  On a normal day I'd have a softer lip (with the same, if not more, product) and a bolder eye with more colour.  I'm also not wearing any bronzer here or lipliner and I didn't count moisturizer that I have underneath or brushes!

I guess this goes to show the "price" of "beauty".  Whoa, just got deep.  I'll go now before things get too worldly for either of us.

Do this for yourself with your usual makeup routine and tell me in the comments how much it came to.  Also, note the new email in my description AND the fancy-pants follow button *oohs and ahhs*.  If you need to contact me for anything, feel free to use the email address and don't forget to clicky click to subscribe! 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

New Button!

Hey everyone!

I have another post coming in a couple days, but I just thought I'd bring your attention to a little button I added over in the right side of the page.  

I just added a button where you can sign up to follow my blog on Google friend connect, and it would mean so much to me if you clicked it! Once I start getting followers I'm thinking about doing a cheeky giveaway, so if that's something you want to see I want you to click!

I am super excited about adding the GFC button.  Hopefully this way I can see who is reading my blog and be able to check out their stuff as well.  I love the little community that is starting to form here, it makes me so goshdarn happy!

Have a good night everyone, new posts coming soon!


Monday, 4 November 2013

Maybelline Makeup Collection

In my area, Maybelline is one of the biggest displays in any drugstore you walk into.  Unless the store does its cosmetics alphabetically, Maybelline is usually close to the front because everyone wants it.

I've gone through my fair share of Maybelline products, and I though that for those of you who haven't tried it out, I would make a little post for you.

Disclaimer: This is a quick post because I still don't have my camera at Uni and I've been planning a BIG EXCITING post for next week, so this is just a little tide-me-over until that's done.

All photos from maybelline.ca

The first product to talk about is I've had for awhile, the Maybelline Dream Matte powder for your face.  I accidentally bought this, I meant to buy the Rimmel Stay Matte powder that Tanya Burr over on YouTube talks about in her videos, but mucked up in the store and bought this instead.

I will admit, I wasn't a huge fan when I first bought it.  I was transitioning from an extremely loose, chalky powder that I'd been using for years and this one is much more solid.  However, I quickly caught on and have come to really like this.  Now it's the only powder I use and my face and wallet thank me (it was about $8 from Wal-Mart).

I really like this powder.  It does exactly what it says it will do and keeps your face shine-free all day.  I often use it on my bare skin if I'm having a lazy day or just popping out for a couple minutes so I don't look too oily.    The powder is fairly solid, so less is wasted when you use it, and there isn't that annoying 'dust' all over the place (i.e. floor, outfit) after you've applied it to your face. It also has pretty good coverage. As a product, I give this a big ol' thumbs up!

I have tried two Maybelline mascaras and here's where I'm less complimentary.

The Rocket mascara
The Rocket mascara was horrible.  I just need to say it.  I have dabbled in many mascaras, and this was probably the worst yet.  I was really disappointed because my best friend Kelly had recommended this to me, and my mom used the Maybelline Great Lash mascara since she was in high school, but I really hated this.  I didn't like the formula, I found it sticky and waxy and it NEVER came off (even though I didn't buy the waterproof one, as is pictured above).  I also didn't like the brush.  It is a plastic brush, so automatically it was never going to be my favourite, but it wasn't that effective.  My eyelashes just looked clumpy, not longer.  I also found the brush itchy when I used it because it is basically dozens of sharp spikes.  I used this for a while but ended up throwing it out before it was anywhere near finished, it was that bad.

Falsies Big Eyes mascara
Next up: Falsies Big Eyes mascara.  Thank God I liked this mascara.  Even after the traumatic Rocket, I still tried another formula, again because Tanya Burr had recommended it.  And it is everything she promised and more! This formula is much better.  It goes on the lash really well, not clumpy, and comes off nicely with makeup remover and a cotton pad.  That being said, it stays put all day.  This can be bought with only one brush, but I bought the duo.  The first brush is for your top lashes and it lengthens and thickens (I'm serious, it does and amazing job.)  I really like the bottom brush, however, because it is so unusual.  I don't think I've ever seen a mascara where there are two brushes.  I especially love that the bottom brush can thicken and lengthen or do one or the other.  I personally don't like my bottom lashes longer, just thicker, and it does an amazing job.

Bonus points to this one for having a bristle brush.  I'm not really sure if that's what you call it... fiber brush? Regardless.  It's synthetic but not plastic and the little hairs are teeny tiny so do a better job of getting between the lashes and keeping them from clumping.  $9 from Wal-Mart (can you tell where I shop the most?)

Maybelline Bouncy blush.  Not the colour I bought, but you get the idea.
On to cheeks now with the Bouncy Blush.  Another product I'm not keen on, but that's partially my own fault.  I bought a shade I'm not super fond of, and I'm not sure if it compliments me.  But there are a few other flaws with the product.

First, application is very difficult.  You can spread it on with your finger but it isn't very blendable, and a brush doesn't solve that problem.  I found it dried chalky and came off very easily.  If you have dry skin, I'm not sure I'd recommend this to you because it emphasizes dry spots, especially after it has settled in and dried a bit.

Second, the colour range is a bit strange.  I feel like the colours they have are not very useful for the majority of people, making it very difficult to get a shade that is suitable for your skin tone.

I could talk more about the product's flaws, but because I didn't like the colour I bought I don't think I should.  If I had a better colour, or a better colour for me, I might have liked it better.  That being said, I bought a very pale pink with a bit of shimmer, and I use it as a high-lighter at the tops of my cheekbones just above my usual blush to give me a bit of a glow.

While I didn't hate this product, I won't be repurchasing, and I have a feeling it will dry out before I use it up. If you do want to try it, it's about $7 from Wal-Mart.

Maybelline Fit Me blush
This blush I have really enjoyed, even though I cheated on the colour a little bit (my shade is apparently a more light link tone but I like the darker plums better).  I bought the shade Deep Rose and I thoroughly enjoy it.  It goes on well, is super blendable, and nicely buildable.  You do generally have to build it as I find it doesn't go on very well (it isn't as pigmented as it looks).  The little brush that comes with it isn't that great for putting on blush, but I have used it to blend my concealer and apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer.  It's a fiber brush and is VERY soft, it's just not very useful for this product (that being said, it can be used for other things so don't throw it out!)

At only $8, go and buy this blush! There are so many shade to choose form, guaranteed everyone can find at least one that will 'Fit' them.

ColourSensational Lipcolour
On to lipsticks now! I have four of the ColourSensational Lipcolours and I love them! I have the one pictured above actually, Electric Orange from their Vivids line.  I love the way these feel on the lip. They go on so soft and they feel very moisturizing.  I have very dry lips, so I do find that it 'settles' so to speak, but another quick swipe usually solves the problem.  I don't find that it dries out my lips, and it stays on for a good amount of time.  

In buying this product, it would be a lie to say I wasn't enticed my the packaging.  I love that the general colour of the packaging is the colour of the lipstick (so reds are in red packaging, browns are in brown, etc.)  The packaging also doesn't feel cheap, unlike other drugstore products.  It also looks nice!

I highly recommend these, I wear them all the time.  I have a couple nudes I use on the daily and a few vivids to keep things interesting. And they're only $8 so I can have tons of colours and not break the bank!

Colour Whisper Lipcolour in Some Like it Taupe
These are also great, highly impressed.  I bought this exact colour to wear over a ColourSensational lipstick for my commencement and it was really soft.  It almost feels like butter but not as greasy.  I'm not too sure about it being hydrating, but it was a very smooth, sheer product.  I'm not sure what else to say about this.  I really liked it and will probably purchase more.  They are quite sheer and great for every day use, but maybe not bold enough for a party (the reds won't give you much of a pop).  I do recommend them though, and they cost only $8.

Baby Lips Lipbalm in Peppermint 010.  Mine is already half used up!
 Get ready for this.  I am about to go fan-girl on all yo' faces.

These.  Are.  The. Best.  You will never understand how much I love these unless you try them.  The Maybelline Baby Lips were a huge fad at my high school, and I never understood until I bought one on a whim (it was on sale, so sue me).
Flavour Cherry me 015
 All of the pictures are of the ones I own.  The peppermint flavour is by far my favourite and the one I have used the most.  It has no tint to it, so it is great for every day use, and for putting on before bed to make your lips nice and hydrated the next morning.  I also use it before starting my dialy makeup so that by the time i get to lipstick my lips are ready but I don't have to worry about them being tinted.

The different types really do taste good, and they taste/smell of exactly what they say. The cherry one is probably the best smelling.  What I really like is that they give a little bit of tint while still being super hydrating, unlike most lipsticks.
Peach Kiss 030.  The first one I ever bought.
 The formula on these is amazing.  They are incredibly hydrating, even better than the EOS balms which I was (and still am to some degree) obsessed with.  These are just that little bit better, both on formula and in the packaging (the EOS are kind of awkward to use).  There are plenty of shades to choose from as well which means there is something for everyone, even an unflavoured/unscented one.
Strike a Rose 95
For those who want a nice pop of bright colour, there is also the Electro line which has some seriously vivid shades.

These are medicated lipbalms that are designed to heal your lips.  They do a fantastic job and are an all-round amazing product that is worth whatever you spend on them.  I know they are about $6 at Shoppers Drugmart, and $4 at Wal-Mart (both depending on the store, location, and possible sales).  Regardless, they are amazing and I would encourage anyone and everyone to give them a try.

EyeStudio Lasting Drama gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black 950
Here then is the final Maybelline product review I have for you. This is the first gel eyeliner I have ever tried, and I really like it.  It isn't matte, and has a very subtle sparkle in the formula which gives a little bit of drama without being too glittery.  It goes on really well, doesn't dry out too quickly, and stays on for longer than most pencil and liquid liners.   It also dries quickly when it's put on.

This eyeliner wasn't too expensive, only about $10, so it's wallet friendly, especially because it lasts for ages.  I don't like the brush that comes with it, but that's just me.  I know there are people out there who love that kind of brush, it's just not my personal preference.  The brush is of good quality though, and I use it as a lip brush instead.  I highly recommend this gel eyeliner for anyone who is on a budget but wants a good quality liner.

I hope you all found this informative and helpful for when you're considering the Maybelline display in your local shops.  Obviously, as with any brand, there are a few misses, but for the most part its a good quality, consistent product that I enjoy.  I won't stop using the brand, especially the Baby Lips lipbalms which are fantastic!  And I definitely want to try more products, especially the Colour Tattoo pigments.

Are there any other brands you would like me to review products from? Leave a comment below and let me know, or just tell me your favourite products and brands! <3