Friday, 30 January 2015

Makeup Collection Part 5: Eyeshadows

Hello, hello!

It's time for part 5 of my makeup collection!  Today's post is all about my eyeshadows that are not in palettes.  Some are in quads/trios and some are singles.

Let's hop right in!


I actually have quite a few little quads and trios.

First up, I'll talk about my only trio in this post.  This is the Covergirl 110 Shimmering Sands trio.  I love this for very neutral makeup looks, and it's great because I don't need any other shades.  This is something I would definitely recommend to someone young who is just starting to wear makeup, it's not too much and it's of decent quality, especially since it's only $7 or so!

I also have a Covergirl quad, the name has come off but I believe it's called Drama Eyes.  The quality of these is okay, they aren't super pigmented and they're a little bit chalky.  I really like the burgundy shade on a damp brush all over the lid with a little black blended into the corner and crease.  I find that even though the quality isn't great, a little water or Fix+ goes a long way to make it better.

Another cheap quad I have is the Joe Fresh Modern Smokey Eye quad.  This is terrible, it's not pigmented at all, and very chalky.  Definitely take a pass on this.

Now I have a few better quality quads.

This is the GOSH quad in Rain Forest.  This was given to me by my roommate, so I'm not sure if they still sell it or not.  I haven't played with it enough to give a good review, but I think this will be going in a Bought It, Forgot It at some point, so I'll let you know there!

Then I have two high-end quads (although technically one has 5... whatever).  Both are from Lancome.

The first one is the sample size of the Ombre Mono Effect Sensationnels.  I find these shades super pretty, even if I don't use them much.  My aunt gets these as "free gifts with purchase" and sends them to me to try out, so I've gotten quite a few over the years!  This quad has my favourite eyeshadow ever, Kitten Heel (top left).

The second mini is the Eye-Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow and Liner palette sample size in 207 Petal Pusher.  I can't even tell you how amazing the two large glitter shades are.  So pigmented!  The teeny gold is also amazing, but there isn't very much of it (can I buy it individually?!)  Then there is a matte taupe shade, which I have used for brows and as a transition shade, and Kitten Heel is in here again as well.  I've used this quite a bit, I really like it!  I may even purchase the full size...


Now on to my single eyeshadows...

I'm going to put my Maybelline Colour Tattoos into one category.  All 8 of them.  Clearly I really like them.  They have great staying power, are really pigmented, and blend really well onto the lid and with other shadows.  I use these both on their own and as bases.  A+ to Maybelline for these!

(If you want to know what shades I have, I'll be letting you know and doing swatches in a separate post in a few weeks.)

Then I have two Revlon Shadow Links.  I found these powdery and unpigmented.  I don't think I'd recommend these, they are cheap and it shows in the quality.

Finally, I have two MAC eyeshadow singles (which I really need to de-pot and put in my palette).  I have All That Glitters and Sumptuous Olive, both great shades.  I can't say enough good things about MAC eyeshadows, which is probably why I have a full palette of them!

So that's it for this post, Part 6 will be coming your way in a few days!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January B.I.F.I. Review and B.I.F.I. Plans for February


So for this month, I had a really good experience with the products I picked out.  Let's hop right in!

1) Hard Candy Sheer Envy Perfecting Primer
I really like this!  I do find I get a little oilier than usual, but that's easily solved with a little powder.  I think this makes my makeup look a lot more smooth and definitely more flawless.  I've bought another one of these in a different formula as well, these are really quite good!

2) Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Another product I've re-discovered this month!  I was obsessed with this when I first started blogging, but moved on to other things as I got more into beauty and makeup.  I realized this month why I loved it so much.  My skin is so flat and lifeless during the winter, this injects a little bit of glow into my skin that is definitely much-needed!  This shade is a little dark for me, but if I use a really light powder it counteracts that and looks really nice.

3) Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink
This blush has the most amazing pigmentation!  It is super pink, you definitely only need a little bit.  The best part is it acts like a blush and a highlighter.  The glow and flush this gives is amazing, especially on pale skin.  I highly recommend you give it a try.

4) Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Again, another winner.  The pigmentation, blendability, and staying power of the Colour Tattoos is unlike anything I've ever used.  For the price, you cannot go wrong.  I highly recommend this shade because it is the perfect shimmery bronze, great for amping up a neutral look.  I used this on it's own and with other colour blended in.  It's a very versatile product.

February and B.I.F.I.
While looking for the products to use for February, I decided to take a small break from this series.  I find I don't have enough to keep this continuous, although every few months there are definitely times when I can do a few consecutive months.

Instead, I'm going to take a break and replace Bought It, Forgot It posts with more reviews and tutorials.  I recently bought The Smokes palette from Maybelline, so I want to do a couple of looks with it and maybe a few with The Nudes palette too.

Don't fear, this isn't the end of B.I.F.I!  It will return in a few months, I can guarantee it!

Until next post,

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Babbling Book Review: Leaving Time

***WARNING: Contains (very) Minor Spoilers***

Alright everyone, buckle your seat belts.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.

I received Jodi Picoult's new book, Leaving Time for Christmas and immediately started reading it.  I'm a huge fan of her books, and if I had to choose my Top 10 books of all time, 3 (at least) would be authored by her.

Upon finishing Leaving Time, I had to stop myself from writing this review immediately.  However, after mulling it over and processing what I read, I have found my opinion to be unchanged.

This is, quite frankly, the worst book by Jodi Picoult, and possibly one of the worst/most disappointing books I have ever read.

The plot starts of by centering around Jenna, a teenager whose mother, Alice, disappeared when she was a young child and is searching to find out what happened to her.  Along the way she enlists the help of a psychic and the ex-cop who originally worked on the case.

Throughout the novel, Picoult tries too hard to foreshadow information that will come to light later.  In some cases, it is too blatantly obvious, and anyone can see what information is going to be revealed (in 50 pages).  In other cases it fails completely.

What I am beginning to find with Picoult is that all of her novels are formulaic.  They all are written from different perspectives, jumping back and forth to view to plot from the eyes of each character at different points.  There is massive foreshadowing, which culminates in a dramatic climax when suddenly everything makes sense in a flash of clarity, making the reader feel stupid for not figuring out the tangled plot, or being so obvious as to not feel climactic at all.  This is then followed by the tying of loose ends, in which everything is neatly tied into a little bow and wrapped up with the acknowledgements, which themselves are repetitive and formulaic.  The lesson is spelled out for the toddlers reading, and off we march to the next book in our piles of reading material.

This book has one small exception to this formula.  The plot twist (which always comes and sparks the dramatic climax) comes and completely shifts the focus.  Jenna, who up until this point seems to be the central figure, is not.  Instead, the book is really about the psychic, Serenity, and the lesson she is supposed to learn, not Jenna.

The whole ending feels like a cop out.  It is the most simple way to tie up an incredibly convoluted story with plot holes the size of my fist.  The story has little direction, weaving in and out of scenes in choppy rhythm.  The 'plot twist' was a ridiculous way to reach the novel's climax, which if you read it you will understand for yourself.

What I like the most about Picoult's novels is they tend to be fairly realistic.  This one is not, it crosses into the realm of the absurd.

At the end of the day, I give this book a HUGE pass.  I appreciate that the gift-giver knew I like her other works, but this one was a huge flop in my mind.

Hopefully I read something that stirs positive emotions in me next.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Makeup Collection Part 4: Palettes

Welcome back to my Makeup Collection series!

Today's focus is on my palettes.  I've classified these as any large palette with over 4 pieces inside, be it eyeshadow or a combo of products.

Let's start shall we!

I'm going to start with this huge palette from Markwins Beauty.  This is the Bel Amour Elegant palette, and I honestly got this for about $12.  I think it was a holiday special or something, and they had so many left over that the price was slashed.  There are a variety of cream and powder eyeshadows in a ton of colours, although it is lacking a red and a yellow (neither of which I use, so I don't really miss them too much).  There are also 6 blushes, 4 powders, and 16 lip glosses (which I don't use if I'm being honest.)  I just like this for doing something different with my makeup.  The shadows aren't super pigmented, and you need a good primer to keep them from creasing, but for how often I use it I'm really happy with it.  The blushes are gorgeous!  They have good pigmentation, I really like them.

I also have this e.l.f. palette, the Smoky Look Beauty Book, which had a primer, eyeliner, and applicator in it as well when I bought it.  The 6 eyeshadows are really nice, very pigmented and a great size.  I like that there are 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, but you can use them all interchangeably or with shadows outside of the palette. I don't like how much packaging there is around said products... total pet peeve.

This is a Hard Candy palette in Green With Envy that I bought from Walmart.  I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of this, and I definitely don't use the shadows on their own.  I need a good primer, and I prefer to use shades outside of the palette to keep it from creasing too much. There are 10 eyeshadows, and I really like all of the colours, but the payoff is just not there.  I wouldn't really recommend this palette to you guys.

Here, however, is a drugstore palette I would 100% recommend.  This is The Nudes palette from Maybelline.  There are 12 shadows in here, a mix of mattes and shimmers, and all of them are a decent size.  I think the colour payoff could be better, BUT they are buildable and a little bit of water helps improve colour payoff too.  I love that there are such a variety of shades in here, I've done sultry/smoky looks and really neutral looks.  I even use two of the shades to do my brows!  For $12 this is a fabulous palette, and I really want to get my hands on The Smokes and The Brights palettes soon!

Now I have two limited-edition palettes, both from Quo.  As a little dislaimer, I just want to say that they do this style of palette every year, so these aren't completely out of your reach.

The first is the oldest, and that is the Quo Treasure Box.  This has 24 eyeshadows, 8 lip glosses, 4 blushes/bronzers, and 2 powders (and a GIANT mirror on the lid).  As with the Bel Amour palette, I never use the lip glosses, although they have been swatched.  I mostly use the eyeshadows, but the bottom of the palette is okay too.  I do find with this palette the eyeshadows aren't very pigmented and are very powdery.

That being said, I got the Quo Beauty Clutch this year and I find the quality much better (maybe they've reformulated?)  It also has the giant mirror, but there are 8 large eyeshadows instead of 24 tiny ones.  There are 4 mattes and 4 shimmers.  Then you twist the top layer to the side to expose the second shelf, which has 3 cream eyeliners, a blush, a bronzer, and a contour shade.  This also came with 3 brushes, one of which was double-ended.

I love everything about this palette.  The blush is amazing, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and blend like a dream, and the contour shade is perfect for me.  The bronzer is great too, it adds the perfect amount of warmth to my face.  Even the cream eyeliners are great, and those were the part I thought I would hate (I haven't liked cream eyeliners in the past).  A+ to this palette!

My final palette is my MAC palette, which my goal is to fill this year.  I currently have 7 shades in there, Mulch, Tempting, Amber Lights, Mythology, Cranberry, Sable, and Patina.  These are so amazing, the pigmentation is out of this world, and they are a dream to blend.  I really want to fill this up so I can enjoy it more!

That's all for my palettes, I'll see you in a few days with Part 5: my regular eyeshadows!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Leibster Award

Hey everyone!

Kelly, my best friend in real life from Casual Book Reviews nominated me for a Leibster award! So big thanks to Kelly <3

The rules are simple:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator
3. Nominate bloggers with 200 or less followers and link them
4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer
5. Notify all nominees by social media/blogs

So here we go!

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I am an avid youtube-watcher, I'll admit it.  I was definitely inspired by beauty gurus to explore my own relationship with the fashion and beauty world and express myself in those same ways.

2. Indoors or outdoors?
I tend to prefer indoors, but nothing can compare to the crisp air of an autumn day or the sparkling snow on a barely-below winter day.

3. The last song you listened to?
I Miss You- Blink 182 (it came on shuffle while I was typing)

4. A place you like to go to think?
Anyone who lives in Waterloo probably knows Waterloo Park.  I love going there to think, it's really quiet and peaceful, a haven of happiness in the insanity of school and city.  It's my favourite place.

Another place I love to go to be alone is the laundry room.  It's warm and smells good and the white noise of the dryers is really soothing for frazzled nerves.  I know that's a little weird, but I love it.

5. Favourite thing to bake/cook?
Banana bread!!!  I also really like making soups and stews because they're so easy and tasty.

6. Favourite day of the week?
Sunday.  I like that I never have anything to do and can just have a calm, chill day.

7. A story that always makes you smile when looking back on it?
I have some really good memories from high school with Emma and Kelly that I look back on as the bright spots of a dark time in my life.  There are also some fabulous times last year with my best friends, like reading week in Ottawa. :)

8. Chocolate or vanilla?
BOTH! Please don't make me choose.

9. A book you never finished and why?
I have never not finished a book.  It doesn't matter how bad it is, my OCD will not let me leave a book unfinished.

10. A book you will love forever?
Harry Potter, obviously.  Also all of the Little House On The Prairie books, and Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  I could go on about my favourite books all day...

11. Something people may not know about you? 
I very much enjoy solitude.  I love to be alone, and my favourite place is my room, by myself, with the only noise being a little bit of music or whatever drifts in through an open window.  Solitude is my favourite.

And now for my questions:
1) What makeup product could you not live without?
2) What is your dream job?
3) Cake or pie?
4) What experience positively impacted your life in 2014?
5) What is your Starbucks order?
6) Craziest thing you've ever done?
7) What do you find the most challenging about blogging?
8) If it was your last meal, what would you eat?
9) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
10) What is your idea of a 'perfect' date?
11) If you could do one thing, what would it be?

Since I've done this before, I'm going to nominate 2 blogs who I've started reading since then instead of 11.

So, I nominate:

Alright, good luck ladies!


Saturday, 17 January 2015

Post-Christmas Haul

Hello everyone!

After Christmas, I did a little bit of shopping using money and giftcards I received, and of course there were some great sales on that I just couldn't resist!  Here's a quick haul post of the things I got, enjoy!

So first up, I was given some money on giftcards for a store in my hometown and I decided to pick out something new for myself before I can back to school.

I got this massive red and white plaid blanket scarf, which I've been looking for all winter.  I'm super excited about this, it's not only HUGE but incredibly warm as well.  I actually got this for 10% off, which was really great, especially since it wasn't cheap!

Then from a brand called Coco & Tashi I got this floral and black long-sleeved shirt.  I love the leather detailing and sheer sleeves, it makes it so much more interesting. Even better, it was 25% off!

Mark's Work Wearhouse also had a big sale, and I got these dress pants, regular $50, for $30.  I don't own black pants/dress pants, so these were a great and much-needed purchase.

Michel's, the craft store, had a huge sale on and when I went in with my mom I couldn't resist.  I got these two journals for $1.50 each, and 6 notecards for $1.50 as well.  They had so many great things for $1.50, I could have bought the entire section!

I did get a couple cosmetics too.  In the post-Christmas sales at Shopper's Drugmart, I got this Quo Clutch for 50% off.  If you can still buy this, GO!  The colours are beautiful, it has a full kit of cosmetics, and it has three brushes.  The best part for me is I'll use every part of this kit, nothing will go untouched.

The other cosmetic items I bought were from Walmart (as per usual).  I got the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer on EssieButton's recommendation.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, I'll get back to you.

I also picked up another one of the Hard Candy face primers and their eye primer.  The face primer promises to help makeup go on smoothly, and since I like the other one I thought I'd give this one a shot. For the eye primer, I just really want something to rival the e.l.f. one, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I did then pick up two blushes, one from NYC in the shade 650 NoLiTa Pink, and the other from Wet n Wild in 831E Pearlescent Pink.  I've had the Wet n Wild one before and it is amazing.  Unfortunately mine smashed... I'm really looking forward to using these shades!

That's it for my little post-Christmas haul.  Let me know what you got in the sales in the comments!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Makeup Collection Part 3: Blushes and Highlighters

Welcome back!

I think you know the drill by now, but this is Part 3 of my makeup collection.  I have a lot of blushes but only a few highlighters.  I don't like looking sparkly or too glowy, just nice and flushed.  Let's just jump right in!


I'm going to include this blush, but I'm not 100% sure if they still make it.  This is the Covergirl Continuous Colour Moisture Enriched blush in Plumberry.  I love this blush, it's the perfect dark-toned berry shade.  I really hope they still make it, I would highly recommend it if they do.

Then I have the Maybelline Fit Me blush in Deep Rose, which is similar to Plumberry but not as shimmery.  It's almost completely matte.  I'm not the biggest fan of this, I find it to have really weak pigmentation, and it doesn't blend very well.  It's also very chalky.  This is one of the only Maybelline products I have had anything bad to say about.

I tend to stick to blushes I know I like, so the rest I'm going to show you in sets to save space and keep you interested!.

Left: Warm   Right: Pink
These two from Physician's Formula are really nice.  They are super shimmery and pigmented, and brighten up the skin really nicely.  They don't just give you a flush, they give a highlighted effect too.  These are definitely on the pricier side, but still from the drugstore.

Left: Autumn Peach   Center: Adorable   Right: Life's A Cherry
Here are my absolute favourite blushes ever, the Essence Cosmetic's blushes.  These are so cheap but SO good.  They have amazing pigmentation, blend like a dream, and are super soft and creamy, especially for a powder.  These blushes I would recommend over all else.  The only downside is they don't have very many colours.

You probably know this by now, but I am not a big fan of highlighting.  I definitely prefer a matte finish.  As such, I only have two highlighters.

The first is my Essence Cosmetics, and it is a definite miss.  I find it really hard to work with, and don't like the effect on my skin.  I find it really difficult to get the product from the pan to my brush/finger and then to my face.  It's just not very good.

I also use a Hard Candy Baked Blush in the shade 127 Honeymoon as a highlighter, simply because it is so pale.  It gives a really nice glow without giving much colour.  This one I really like.  It isn't as pink and it showed up on camera either.

So that's all for Part 3!  Part 4 will be coming up soon, so look out for that!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Review: Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

Hello and welcome back!

I have a new review for you today of a new brow product from Maybelline. As most of you know, I don't really do my brows much, but some days it's nice to give them just a teensy bit more definition.  That's what drew me to the Maybelline Brown Drama.  This is a tinted brow mascara (as they call it) that promises to sculpt and tint brows in one easy step.

I've heard people say this is the drugstore version of the Benefit Gimme Brow, so let's see if it's worth its salt (and lives up to that title).

So, let's look at packaging.

Nothing special in my books, but nothing offensive either.  My only issue is that it looks a lot like a regular mascara, and there's a solid chance I'll try and use it as such!

The wand is pretty cool on this. I like the ball on the end for combing through your brow hairs.

I think this is fairly reasonably priced.  I bought it for $10, which isn't bad.  Since I don't do my brows often, cheaper is better.

On to the fun part, testing! I am using Soft Brown, the second shade (of 3)

These are my brows on their own.  I spent 20 minutes grooming these suckers before doing this post, I hope you appreciate it!  My brows are fairly thick and unruly (as you can CLEARLY see), but there are some sparse patches that I like to fill in.

Here's one brow done, one left.  Spot the difference?

Both done.  See it now?

Let's compare.

I'm actually shocked at how good of a job this product did on my brows.  They look fuller but so natural.  You can't tell on camera that I've filled them in, and I promise you can't tell in person either. I just look like I have fuller, darker brows.

My brows are firmly in place too, which I wasn't expecting.  They are not going anywhere, but they also don't feel like they've been cemented to my face.

Final Thoughts
Everything about this product feels natural, from the look it gives the feel of it on my brows.  This is going to be a new holy grail product for me, I'm even going to start doing my brows more often!  Until I used this, I honestly never felt a need to do my brows, thinking they always looked too fake, no matter what I did.  This does not look fake at all and gives a noticeable difference to my face.  I am 100% in love.

One thing I want to mention for when using this, I found angling the wand so that the regular part of the spooly was applying product, then using the ball part to comb through was most effective and got the most product onto the actual brow.  Using the tip of the wand was also good for targeting areas that needed a little bit more product too.  Overall, this was very easy to use!

After scheduling this post, I've been using this product almost daily, so inevitably I fell asleep without taking my makeup off at some point... This stayed on all night, and my brows still looked amazing when I woke up the next morning!

I hope you liked that review, comment if you've used this and what you thought of it!

Until next time!


Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year, New Semester: Strategies for a Successful Semester

Hey all!

It's the start of a new semester.  Some of you may be trying to do better in your classes.  I know I am.  But it can be such a daunting task.

I'm here to share my top 5 tips for success with you.  I really hope these will help you to succeed.

1) Get organized
Have a notebook for each class, and maybe even a separate one for the readings and lecture material.  Use file organizers, a separate one for each class.  Label EVERYTHING.  Write down your profs and their information, their office hours, and when/where each of their classes are.  Invest in an agenda (AND USE IT!)

The more organized you are, the better.  Get the semester off to a good start by getting organized now, instead of a week before exams start.

2) Take hand-written notes
Writing out your notes by hand helps with retention of information.  If you need to type them later, do it.  But nothing is more conducive to learning than writing with a pen and paper.

3) A little bit every day, not everything on one day each week
Set aside an hour each day to do your readings instead of tackling all of them on a Sunday.  You will get more done, and be more focused, and you will also retain way more information.

4) Get up early, go to bed early
If you go to bed between 8pm and 10pm, the quality of sleep you will get is better than if you go to be later (especially any time after midnight).  Make an effort to go to bed early (as in, before 11pm) and get up earlier in the morning.  Your body will thank you (and so will your grades).

5) Study smarter
Figure out what strategies work for you and utilize them.  Reading your notes isn't how you learn?  That's fine, why not try recording yourself saying them and playing it to yourself?  I LOVE this technique, and fully subscribe to the theory that you can learn it while you sleep (that's a whole other story).

I personally find flashcards to be one of the best study techniques for myself.   Term on one side, definition on the other and BAM, you've got yourself a portable study tool.  If you can get a friend to quiz you, even better.

Bonus: Positive Reinforcement
There's no point in denying yourself self-gratification.  If you have studied hard all week, or gone to all of your classes, or finished the work you needed to do, reward yourself!  Go out with your friends, see a movie, go on a date.  There's no point in making yourself hate and resent the education you are paying so much for.

I hope this helped some of you.  I challenge you to try these tips this semester and see what a difference they make.  I have had a dramatic shift from my first year to my second year grades, just from implementing these strategies.

I love you all, have a great weekend!


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Makeup Collection Part 2: Powders and Bronzers

Welcome back!

It's time for Part 2 of my Makeup Collection posts.  This week we'll be talking about powders and bronzers.  Let's hop right in!

For powders, I really do prefer pressed to loose.  I just find it to be way less messy and much easier.  I'm all about ease.

My favourite powder ever would have to be the Physician's Formula Nude Wear powder.  This is great for setting makeup and mattifying.  I also find the little bit of coverage it has great for no makeup days where I just want a little bit of shine- or redness-control.  This is expensive, I believe it's $20, but I do think it's worth it.  Only thing I don't like is that the quads don't wear down at the same time...

Next up is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.  This is really nice for setting makeup.  I'm not sure how great it is for keeping my skin matte, honestly.  I find I get oily relatively quickly within a few hours, but it's nothing impossible to deal with. This is also small enough to carry around for touch-ups, and for under $10 I think it's worth the money.

This is my The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals loose powder.  I like this, I don't think it's fabulous, but it does as good of a job setting makeup as the Stay Matte powder.  The only shortcoming of this is it's very messy (as are most loose powders).  However, it has a little bit of coverage to it, and is great for no-makeup days.

This is the Covergirl Professional loose powder.  Same idea as the one from The Body Shop in terms of how I use it and what it does.  The major difference between the two is the amount you get and the scent.  The Extra Virgin Minerals are completely unscented.  This smells weird, kind of like the Covergirl Clean foundation.  I can smell my face all day and am completely paranoid other people can too.  I wouldn't give this a buy honestly.

On to bronzers!  I don't really use bronzers much, usually only for a light contour, but the ones I have I really do like.

This is the only bronzer I use to give colour to my entire face, the Marcell Big Bronzer.  It's very shimmery, but the formula is incredibly creamy.  I really like that I can use it year round too, I just target which strips I want to use and go to town!

This was the first bronzer I ever bought, the Revlon Natural Bronze bronzer.  You can't really tell in this photo, but I've actually smashed this (oops).  I think for the money, this is great.  It has a good amount of shimmer to it, but I do use it for contouring as well.  Because this is so light, it also matches my fair skin.

My final bronzer is definitely my favourite.  The Rimmel Natural Bronzer really is a natural-looking bronzer.  There is no shimmer in this, so it's perfect for contouring, and the colour is great on fair skin.  Again, very inexpensive.  This is perfect for anyone just getting into bronzing and/or makeup.

That's it for this post, next up is blushers and highlighters so stay tuned!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Break 2014

Hey everyone!

Over the break, I did so many things, and I really wanted to blog about them individually.  Unfortunately, time goes by a lot faster than I'd like and... well... it's gone!

Here's a few photos to recap my break!
(Confused) Christmas Baking
K-W Symphony's Yuletide Spectacular with my boyfriend
Coming home to a beautifully decorated house! (Sorry for not getting a picture of the Christmas tree.)
Post-Christmas: Stratford, ON shopping and hockey tournament (Left), The Nutcracker in Toronto (Right)

A very snowy Muskoka for New Year's Eve at my boyfriend's cottage
And of course...
Finally seeing my little fur baby and getting lots of cuddles <3
I had a really relaxing and fun break, I hope you all did too <3 Back to reality now!