Friday, 27 March 2015

Mini Musing: Untitled


It's more than action.

It's more than words.

It's more than something people pretend to have.

You have kindness deep within you.

But there are people who betray the kindness of others.  There are those who relish in the kindness given to them but never reciprocate it.  There are those who, deep in their souls, have only blackness, no kindness to be found.

The light within everyone shines differently.  And most people want to believe that despite the hiccups, despite the trips and falls, everyone, deep down, sometimes so deep you can't see it, has kindness shining within them.

But here is where we have deluded ourselves.

There are bad people in this world.

I don't mean those who do bad things, for some of them have kindness contained in their hearts.

I mean those who, truly, to their core, have black hearts, black souls, utter darkness that is all-consuming and thriving.

These are the people who do not care.  They don't care for others.  They don't care for feelings, or thoughts, or words, or actions.  And often, they don't even care for themselves.

We can fear these people.

Or we can pity them.

Why would we fear someone who has nothing good about them?  Why would we fear someone with no redeeming qualities?  Why would we fear the people who will ultimately end up alone in this world with nothing.  Nothing to live for, nothing to love, only their own black, twisted soul to keep them company.

Pity those people.

People those with no love in their hearts.  Pity those who will never know true friendship.  Pity the poor, insufferable fools who believe nothing is more important in this life than being on top.

The top is a lonely place.

You can feel the wind rushing across your face, and see great distances and the amazing things they hold.

But on that barren mountain top, you are alone.

And ultimately, to get to those places you can see from the top, you have to make your way back down to the bottom.

Hope you enjoyed my little musing.  Procrastination and lack of sleep make a great combination for creativity!

xoxo Laura

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Video: Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone!

In the chaos that has been March, I haven't had a lot of time to blog, but I sat down today and edited some footage.

There is another video that goes with it, linked HERE.  It outlines the products that I used in this video, so make sure you check out both!

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I'll be back to regular blogging as soon as I hand in the 4 papers I have due in the next 10 days <3


Monday, 2 March 2015

Babbling Book Review: The Nightingale

Hello everyone!

On a massive Chapters-Indigo order recently, I bought this book on a whim.  In was in the Heather's Picks section and the little blurb caught my eye.

After taking a Thursday out of my Reading Week to curl up with tea and a blanket by the balcony window, I am ready to write a review for this amazing, emotional book.

The setting is WWII-era France, and follows the story of two sisters, each in their separate lives, and how their lives are changed from the declaration of war to the days after it ends.  Isabelle and Vianne are very different from each other, but in the end the ties of family are stronger than their differences.

At it's heart, this is a story about family.  But it is also about hardship, motherhood, love, and the struggle that women during this era endured just to survive, and to ensure their children's survival.  Without giving too much away, although Isabelle and Vianne are very different, they both go to extraordinary measures in this novel, risking their own lives and well-being in order to save others.

The strength of these two women is fantastic.  They truly are characters that start off as unlikeable in many ways, but grow into themselves throughout the course of the novel.  They mature into strong young women who any reader would aspire to become.

While I will admit that this was not a perfect piece of literature, some sections felt rushed or glossed over, while others went into too much detail for my tastes, the fact that I felt true, raw emotion while reading discounts any of these (very slight) complaints, as none took away from the heart of the story.  I often found myself seething with anger, and there were a few points where tears were absolutely pouring down my face.  Any book that can evoke that emotion in me is a winner in my books (pun not intended).

Ultimately, this is a novel you need to experience for yourself.  It is well-written and beautifully crafted, leaving the reader wanting to finish because the end just cannot be predicted.  This is a beautiful story, please go out and read this if you get a chance.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites!

Hello everyone!

My February Favourites video is now live!  Give it a watch to see everything I've been loving throughout the last month.

New post is coming tomorrow, and my Collection Series is ending this month, so stay tuned for that!

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