Tuesday, 23 February 2016

VIDEO: My Winter Skincare Products/Routine

Hello everyone!

I haven't done a skincare video in awhile, so I figured I should do an update!

Clickable link HERE


Monday, 22 February 2016

REVIEW: Simple Nourishing 24 Hour Day/Night Cream

Hello everyone!

Recently I've been trying out a new face cream, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

If you've been around for awhile, you know that for the last year I've been loving The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream.  However, it's a little expensive, it's a pain to get if I'm not near a mall, and I just wanted to try something new.

I've heard a lot about Simple skin care, and to be honest, I've only ever used their wipes (they were okay.)  I picked up this cream to try it out, and here's how it went.

photo from simpleskincare.ca
First, I have to say the smell is okay.  I really hate heavily scented face products, and I find that the drugstore is always heavily scented.  This was nice and light though, not overpowering at all.

This sank into my skin so nicely when I applied it, I was really impressed.  It didn't sit on the surface or feel tacky at all.

One thing that really amazed me was how great my skin felt the day after using this for the first time.  I'd had a horrible reaction to a foundation (see HERE) and the skin on my jawline was scaley in texture.  This really helped that, and my skin felt really nice after having this on my skin for only 12 hours.

I do think that this is moisturizing beyond when you initially put it on your face.  Even in the cold weather, my skin doesn't feel tight or dry when I've put this on.

I've been using this for a month now, and my skin feels great.  I would definitely recommend this!


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

F.O.T.D. A Night in Havana

Hello everyone!

No, I didn't jet off to Cuba for a night!  THEMUSEUM in Kitchener hosted their annual fundraiser, and the theme was "A Night In Havana".  Loving any excuse to dress up, my roommate and high school BFF (and future roommate!) got all dolled up and made a night out of it!

Quo Modern Smokey palette
Chantilly Lace eyeshadow from Sephora brand.
Maybelline LashSensational mascara
Ardell 110 lashes
e.l.f. liquid eyeliner.

Maybelline Brow Drama
Maybelline Brow Duo
H&M Brow Specialist

e.l.f. Matte lip pencil in Ruby Red

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer
e.l.f. blush palette
e.l.f. bronzer palette
Becca Champagne Pop

Oh look, so cute! So normal!

Or not...

Awkward dress shot, nothing unusual here.
Hope you enjoyed!  We didn't take a ton of pictures besides selfies unfortunately.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Video: Warm Neutrals Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I've got a tutorial for you this week!  This has become one of my favourite looks recently, I love the brown lip with everything else nice and neutral.

Clickable link HERE

Let me know what you think of it!


Monday, 15 February 2016

Product Graveyard #4

Hello Everyone!

Here's another instalment of products that just didn't work for me.  Maybe they're terrible, maybe I just didn't like them, but for whatever reason they are being given to friends or thrown out.

1) Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer

This concealer wasn't awful, but it oxidizes so badly that I can't wear it.  After an hour, it's gone so dark and orange that I look ridiculous.  It does concealer dark circles, and correct them because of the oxidization, but if it's blended out it will show up orange on other parts of your skin.

2) Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio

I haven't had much luck with Covergirl.  Ever.  This trio looks nice in the pan, but there is absolutely no colour payoff.  Even wet these just don't perform well.

3) Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Liner- Transparent

First and foremost, I didn't find this kept my lipsticks from bleeding, which is the entire point of a lipliner.  I also want to say that because it's clear, it's incredibly difficult to see where you have put it! That should have been an obvious drawback from the beginning, but I didn't realize how much it would bother me.

4) Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal Liner- Silver

This wasn't a bad product, but why the hell did I think a silver eye liner was a good idea?!? I'm passing this along to a friend who will get more use out of it than I will.

5) EOS Lipbalms 

I'm giving up on these.  I don't find they work very well, and they get really grubby looking on the inside and outside of the packaging.  I kept a few flavours I really like, but got rid of most of the ones I own.  And I will not be repurchasing any of them.

That's if for another product graveyard.  Leave some products you haven't enjoyed in the comments below so we can all avoid them!


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

DIY It This Valentine's Day

Hey friends!

So this article is a great way to create cheap, easy, but MEANINGFUL gifts for your S/O this Valentine's Day (also great ideas if you're doing Galentine's Day with your girls).

I honestly think these are such great ideas for gifts this Valentine's day.  You don't need to spend a ton of money to show someone you love and appreciate them! (Me and my BF don't actually do anything for Valentine's Day, but if we did, I would do one of these!)

Fun fact: I actually know Sarah, who wrote this article, and she's pretty great.  So definitely click!


Monday, 8 February 2016

REVIEW: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Wear Foundation

Hello everyone!

On my foundation quest, I have purchased and tried out the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.  Promising full coverage and 24 hour wear, this has some BIG claims.  Does it live up to them? Let's see...


This claims to be a full coverage foundation with a weightless serum, for perfect, comfortable and all-day wear.  It says it is sweat, humidity, and transfer proof and lasts up to 25 hours (WHO THE HELL WEARS FOUNDATION THAT LONG?!?)

This is $10, very very affordable I'd say!  There's lots of product in here too, so it will last for a really long time.

I am such a sucker for the heavy, glass packaging.  I think it feels so much more expensive and luxurious than a plastic bottle.  Thanks for that, Rimmel!

On another note, this does come with a pump that is fairly sturdy and works really nicely to pump out the product.  I really like the red lid and pump, it makes it stand out in your makeup drawers.  It practically screams PICK ME!

Because I prefer sponges for foundation, that's how I applied this.  I started off with one pump of product, which gave me an excellent medium coverage.  There was a little bit of redness peeking through, so I applied half of a pump more to my cheeks and other red areas and at the end of it I really did have a flawless, full coverage.

Not only was this a perfect match for me, but I love how it felt on the skin.  It wasn't heavy, or cakey at all.  In fact, I could barely tell I was wearing foundation.  It also felt really hydrating, or at the very least not drying on my skin.  The only thing this did that I didn't like was crease around my mouth (in my laugh lines), but I have yet to find a foundation that doesn't.  I counter it with primer instead.

As for wear, I was super impressed.  This did need some blotting throughout the day, but other than that it didn't flake or fade, or lose any of its coverage.  It also didn't get cakey or patchy.

One thing I did really notice was how well my makeup sat on top of it.  My highlighter and blush, and even my bronzer, didn't fade at all, nor did they go patchy.  I know that has to do with those products themselves as well, but the fact that they had a good base to sit on top of clearly made a huge difference from when I wear the same products with other bases!

Uh oh...
The second time I wore this, I wore it to a concert (and was super impressed with it), but when I got home and washed it off, IT HAD GIVEN ME A HORRIBLE RASH.  I had all these little white bumps on my face, especially along my chin and jawline.  It didn't itch or anything, but it was very noticeable and my skin texture was horrible.  This was a few weeks ago now, and it hasn't cleared up yet.  I have never had this happen before, so I don't know if there is an ingredient in this foundation I'm allergic to or what, but PLEASE be aware that this could happen to you if you try this foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?


Sunday, 7 February 2016

VIDEO: A Face FULL of First Impressions!

Hello everyone!

Buried in a folder, deep in my computer, I found some footage of a first impressions that I filmed awhile back, and I am so excited to share it with you!  I tried out 4 new products, did a super glam makeup look, and shared my thoughts with you.  It was a bit of a rollercoaster, as you'll see!

Definitely check it out!

Clickable link HERE

Love you all lots!  Next week's video is a makeup tutorial!


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Best Concert Experience: Oh Wonder, Ralph, and the Big City

Hey guys!

I've been super MIA while my laptop was getting fixed, but I'm back, baby!

Sometimes we take nice pictures...
While I was unplugged, I went to Toronto for the night to go and see Oh Wonder with my best friend, Kelly.  She asked me to go months ago, I'd never heard of them, but tickets weren't expensive and I like concerts, so I said yes.

It was the best concert experience I have ever had.

The concert was held at the Danforth Music Hall, a venue I had never been to.  Turns out, it's small and intimate, and utterly perfect for actually getting to experience the band you are coming to see.  We lined up for an hour in the cold, but were only three people from the front, so it was completely worth it!  We could see every little facial expression of the band's face, it was something you could never experience at a huge venue like the Molson Canadian Amphitheater.

As for the bands themselves, they were unparalleled to any other concert I've been to.  The opening band was a Toronto-based band called Ralph, and they were AMAZING! It's pretty clear that they don't rely on autotune for their sound, they are just purely talented.  They looked like they were having a great time, they sounded fantastic, and after the show Kelly and I actually got to meet the lead singer!  In person, she was super nice and friendly.

Oh Wonder was equally amazing.  I would even argue that they sound better live (and that NEVER happens).  It was their first show in Canada, and their largest show to date (the show was actually moved from the original venue because of the demand for tickets).  They were so into the show, smiling, and laughing, and clearly having a great time.  It was an infectious kind of joy that I have never experienced at a concert.

I didn't vlog it, but I did take a few pictures on my crappy phone (Kelly's photos are much better).  Those are what you see in this post.

How you should feel after an EPIC concert.
I just wanted to say thank you to the bands for such an amazing show, thank you to Kelly for bringing me along, and thank you to our hotel (Comfort Inn at Bloor and Young) for having the most comfortable beds and pillows to crash into at 1am. And a pretty awesome view, too!

Gooooood morning!
Going to a concert when you don't know the band is scary, but ultimately it was so rewarding.  I didn't have any expectations, so I was blown away when they turned out to be so utterly amazing.  That they included a local band to open for them was fabulous too, I love discovering local talent that I can support.  And somewhere in there, I fell in love with two amazing bands.

But usually we don't <3
Go out of your comfort zone, try new things, and reap the rewards after <3


Monday, 1 February 2016

Give Her Chocolate Bon Bons this Valentine's Day

Calling all boyfriends!

This palette could, quite possibly, be the best Valentine's Day present for your S/O this February.

Chocolate is the traditional gift, but you can get two for one when it comes to the Chocolate Bon Bons palette from Two Faced.

This adorable palette contains 17 shadows in a variety of gorgeous shades.  I truly believe that everyone will like most of the shades in this palette.  The best part? Like the rest of the Chocolate palettes, IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE!

Encased in sturdy pink packaging, this sweet gift will make your sweetie melt this Valentine's Day.

Buy it on Sephora HERE