Tuesday, 30 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 30: My Makeup Storage- When There's No Space!

Hello everyone!

This week I was challenged by MakeSpace to show you all how I Store My Stash.  I'll be honest, I almost said no.  I'm currently between living situations with limited space and I was almost ashamed of how my makeup was stored.  But then I realized that space is a luxury!  Not everyone has it, and if you're in a situation like mine maybe this will help you.

This isn't a beautiful vanity, or a spacious closet.  But it's functional, and makes the best out of what I've got!  It's important to realize that's the best we can do sometimes!

The first way I 'store' my makeup is in plain site.  I have all my brushes in one makeup bag, and my everyday makeup in another (see my video for the exact contents).  This just goes in the bathroom that I share on my side of the sink so that I have easy access to it every single day.

The other makeup I have with me goes in one of two places.

These drawers from Walmart have been a lifesaver.  I use the top two drawers for makeup and beauty products and the bottom three for clothes.  I have two of these in my apartment, but I could only take one with me.  I used to have a whole set dedicated to JUST makeup and beauty, but I had to pare down big time.

The pieces of makeup in these drawers are either new products I'm testing out, or things I tend to reach for once a week, but not every day.  I like having options, what can I say!  Right now I've got base products at the back, and then powders and eye products in the middle.  I keep all of my larger lip products in a red leather case so they don't get lost.  The lipsticks go on the top of the drawer set in a clear acrylic lipstick holder, which is probably the best piece of storage I can suggest to you.  Keeping lipstick organized can be such a chore, so this helps a lot.

The other place I keep the makeup items I rarely reach for is in this big 3-section zippered storage bag.  These are usually used for travel, but because of my limited space situation I had to commandeer it for a new purpose!  This is great because it has the makeup items that I occasionally do need, but don't reach for every day.  I keep all of my extra foundations in there, so I can always have the perfect finish but without it taking up the limited space I have in the makeup drawers.  Then I just pop this wherever I happen to have a little bit of space!   It even rolls up, although I tend to store it flat.

Now, I can hear followers of my blog saying, "I know you have more makeup than THAT!" and you would be right.  I have about a third of my makeup in storage right now, packed away in boxes until I move into my new place.  When I was moving, I didn't know about MakeSpace, but when they sent me this challenge, I wanted to know more about them and I seriously wish I could have used their self-storage services when I was moving.  They will pick up your stuff, store it for you, AND bring it back to you whenever you like!  Bonus: they are incredibly affordable.  Go check out their website!

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to let me know in the comments how YOU store your makeup stash!  And I will be doing a 'follow up' post of sorts to this when I finally move into my new (bigger) place, so stay tuned for that!


Monday, 29 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 29: How I Get My Skin in Shape FAST with 5 Products and a Few Simple Rules

Hello everyone!

All my life I've obsessed over how my skin looks.  I pick at every little imperfection to the point of insanity.  I've scarred my forehead and several spots on my cheeks from picking zits incessantly.

And my skin isn't that bad.  It has never been consistently blemished, I never dealt with serious, persistent acne, I was fairly normal-to-combo for most of the years after puberty.  But having had two parents who both had cystic acne, blemishes were always a concern.

My downfall is laziness and hormones.  I get hormonal breakouts every two weeks or so.  It feels like just as one clears up I get another one, and in my mind these breakouts are a BIG DEAL.  But I really struggle to stick to a routine consistently, my life is too inconsistent for that, and I'm, quite frankly, lazy.

This post is for everyone in a similar situation.  It's for all the girls and boys in high school who hid their faces because they were so self-conscious of their blemishes.  It's for everyone whose hormone betray them, whose lives don't allow them to find consistency, and who just want better skin FAST.  If you know a teenager, maybe show them this post.  Hopefully it can help them in the coming school year.

Step 1
The biggest key to getting better skin fast is to cleanse it.  If I cleanse morning and night with a gentle cleanser for 3 days, my skin immediately responds.  Find a cleanser that works for you.  If my skin is breaking out, I turn to the Cetaphyl Cleanser for oily skin.  If my skin is also flaking, I use the St. Ive's Cleanser.  It has a cream base, so it is fairly hydrating, but granular particles to take off the dead skin and leave my face feeling smooth and soft.

If you wear makeup, I don't think I need to say you should ALWAYS take it off fully before you cleanse.

Step 2
After cleansing, go in with a clarifying toner.  I use The Body Shop's Seaweed toner because it really gets deep into your pores and cleans them out.  This also helps remove any little particles of gunk your cleanser may have missed.

Step 3
Three words:


I've sworn by this for a long time.  I talked about it so much about a year and a half ago that people started getting annoyed.  But this helps exfoliate the skin to keep it healthy and fresh, it has anti-bacterial properties that will stop blemishes in their tracks, and it really works incredibly well.

Step 4


It sounds counter-intuitive, like you've cleaned out your pores only to block them again.  But you need to moisturize or your skin will lose its mind.  You need the moisture to keep everything looking perfect.

One more thing...
In order for this to be successful, you need a few days of dedication.  Depending on how bad my skin is, I usually take 3-5 days to get my skin to clear up.  I do all of these steps twice a day, morning and night, and it really does make a fast and noticeable difference to my skin.

I know this won't help those who have cystic acne, or any persistent forms of acne, but for your average teen (or twenty-something!) this could really make a big difference to their skin and confidence.

I hope this can help anyone who feels insecure about their skin.  I know I am, frequently, and it's really hard sometimes!  But just remember that you are more than your skin.  You are a world of knowledge and personality underneath it, and that's what determines your character, not a zit you woke up with this morning.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 28: The Ultimate Sephora Wishlist

Hello everyone!

Today I want to chat with you all about my Sephora Wishlist.

Let's be real, we can't always afford what we want when we want it.  I just had to pay tuition, there's no way I can purchase this stuff right now!  But half the fun, really, is looking and swatching, and LUSTING after a product.  It makes it so much sweeter when you can finally buy it.

Here are all the items that are currently on my wishlist from Sephora

1) Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette


Seriously though, this has become the #1 product on my wish list (it launches right before my birthday too...)

2) Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Powder

I love me a good loose powder.  I used up my last one a while back, and haven't purchased a new one since.  This is nearly $40 but I want to try it SO badly.

3) First Aid Beauty Triple Duty Eye Remedy

Because I'm a sucker for a hydrating under-eye product with concealing and correcting properties.

4) GlamGlow SuperMud Mask

I've had this before and I keep dreaming about when I repurchase this again.  It was a fabulous mask, but the price tag is $$$

5) ABH Liquid Lipsticks

My friend Emalee let me try one of these awhile back and I fell in love.  I love the KVD liquid lippies, but these are so amazing and their are different colours from KVD's line.

And that' my current Sephora wishlist!  Let me know what products you're currently lusting after!


Saturday, 27 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 27: Palm Bay Q&A!

It's finally here!

Despite the wailing protests of my parent's internet (aka the reason I haven't been able to edit many videos...), my Q&A video is finally up!

Special guest Kelly (my BFF) has joined me and we get loud and weird, so go check it out!  Stay tuned to the end for bloopers too.

Remember to give it a thumbs up if you liked it or if it made you laugh!


Friday, 26 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 26: Bite Beauty Lip Pencils Review

Hello everyone!

In my Sephora Haul, you will have seen that I picked up a duo of Bite Beauty's Lip Pencils in the shades Rhubard and Chablis.  Today I'm going to review them for you, so you know if they're a BUY! or BYE!

As you know from the haul post, these are two of their mini lip pencils.  They are not matte, they are more of a satin finish, but the pigmentation is great.  For something that is more slippery in consistency, they also last a decent amount of time.  When they do fade, they fade evenly, not patchy.

Chablis (left) is a pink shade, and it is less of a shiny finish, but certainly not matte.  Rhubarb is a mauve nude shade, with a lot of shine on the finish.  Both of these are really beautiful on the lips.

The only negative thing I have to say about these, is I find them quite drying.  Sometimes my lips actually HURT after wearing these for too long.  I have very dry lips normally, so if you don't this might not be a problem for you, but I definitely notice it.

Because these are so drying, I don't know that I'll buy more of them.  While the formula is very nice, and I like that the brand is Canadian, I just don't think these are special enough to warrant the high price tag.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 25: The Best Part of Waking Up...

Hello everyone!

I have a coffee... review? to share with you today.

This is the Loon Call Breakfast Blend from the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. in Huntsville, Ontario.  This brand is really big in the Muskokas, and I can see why!

This really is the perfect morning coffee.  It's smooth, full-bodied, with a balanced acidity.  I (obviously) can't drink it at the end of a dock every morning, but sipping it takes me back there every day.

I highly recommend this coffee brand, they do a lot of different roasts.  If you're interested, HERE is their website. You can order all of their roasts directly from there if you can't find it in stores.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 23: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Review

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about a new product I've been testing out (and talking about a little bit, you probably know what's coming!)

I recently purchased the $56 tube of Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer.  I wear the shade Porcelain, which is the lightest shade they make.

(I will insert some photos I've taken recently with me wearing this tinted moisturizer throughout the post so you can see the effect it gives on the skin.  Pardon my blemishes, I had an awful breakout a few weeks ago I'm still healing from, and I don't like to put concealer on zits because it blocks them further and prevents them from healing.)

I use a small amount of this over top of a primer, and blend it into the skin with my fingers.  I find the warmth of my fingers really helps this to blend nicely into my skin.  I wouldn't really recommend using a brush or a sponge for this.

This gives a very light but very nice coverage to the skin.  I find that it develops over the day too to give more coverage after a few hours than it does when you first put it on.

I usually wear this with a little bit of concealer to hide blemishes and dark circles, and set it with powder.  In the warmer months I have more oily skin, so I need to set this in order to stay matte throughout the day.  Even though it's oil free, I do find that I still get oily by the end of the work day

Product blends really nicely on top of this too.  I never have a problem with my blush or bronzer looking patchy or not blending out well.  Any powders I put on top of this don't fade either, they last all day long.  The only thing I ever need to top up is my regular face powder.

Overall I just really love the effect this gives me.  My skin looks beautiful and glowing and even.  This isn't nearly as heavy as foundation, so I love it for every day use.  And it doesn't oxidize!  Plus there is a good selection of shades so most skin tones should be able to wear this.

The packaging is a little cheap for something that costs so much, but the product itself is so amazing.  And it will last for a very long time since you don't have to use a ton of it per use.

Basically, this all boils down to would I recommend it? I'm sure you can guess this already, but I 100% do.  This has become my ride-or-die makeup must-have and I know I will be searching for a long time to find something as good as this!


Monday, 22 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 22: The 7 Deadly Sins TAG

Hey there!

I haven't done a tag in awhile, let's do it!

1. GREED - What is your most inexpensive beauty product? What is your most expensive? 

My most inexpensive beauty product is probably my e.l.f. products.  Most of those are a couple of bucks and so many of them work just as well as products two, three, even four times the price!

My most expensive product if my Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer.  That sucker was crazy expensive.  But I do use it every single day.  It was well-worth the cash splash.

WRATH - What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

I have a total love/hate with the GlamGlow SuperMud mask.  I love how effective it is, but it's SO expensive.  I absolutely cannot justify the price of it in the regular.  It makes me feel like this inside:

3. GLUTTONY - What are your most delicious beauty products?

I feel like I definitely cannot answer this question... What does this even mean?!?!  I guess if we go by products that seem almost edible, I'd have to say my hand creams from The Body Shop.  They all smell so amazing, almost like you could eat them (but don't, please.)

4. SLOTH - What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

I'm the worst at skin care.  I try so hard to have a routine and adhere to it, but inevitably I get lazy.  I do always take off my makeup though, so can I have bonus points there? Mostly I tend to neglect a full scrub and exfoliation, and usually toning.  My 'lazy' days consist of just micellar water followed up with moisturizer (which is bad, I know).

5. PRIDE - What beauty product gives you more confidence?

Tinted moisturizer.  That's enough to even out my skin mot of the time, or at least make me feel like my skin is less dull.  Option two would be concealer, I always feel better when I look like I've slept properly and my blemishes are covered.

LUST - What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

This isn't really beauty related but okay! Um, I have varied tastes, but I think passion is what I like the most (minds out of the gutters please!) I love it when a guy loves something and is passionate about it.

I also have to say (if I'm being a little bit honest and shallow) I like a guy who takes care of himself! Shaved, clean, smells good, that kind of thing.  I guess no one wants a guy who never bathes... I feel better about saying this now...

7. ENVY - What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

I know this is a beauty tag, but I like to pick out my own makeup for the most part.  Of all of the things in the world, I never buy myself jewelry.  I love jewelry, and I love to wear it, but I mostly wear things that were gifts to me and thus have special meaning.  So... that I guess.

I challenge anyone reading this to do this tag!  Adapt it to fit your life if you want, but comment below if you do it so I can see it!


Sunday, 21 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 21: Bloggers You Should Follow!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to highlight 3 of my favourite bloggers/instagrammers that you should 100% follow.  These are my absolute favourite ladies to see in my feed, and I think you'll like them too!

First up is a lovely Canadian gal by the name of Erin.  You can find her at glitterandgoldlipstick.wordpress.com or on Instagram.  Her posts, both on her blog and her Insta are always so clean and stunning.  Seeing her Instagram posts actually makes me happy.  Plus, I love supporting a fellow Canadian!

Next up is Joanne from beautyisthebalm.com but you can also find her on Instagram.  Once again, I love reading her blog and seeing her posts on my feed.  And let me tell you, her MAC pallette collection inspires major envy!

***Joanne is currently moving house and doesn't have internet, but she wants you all to know she will be back soon and has some great posts in the works!***

And last but certainly not least, we have Holly!  Her Instagram is a great mix of house/beauty/lifestyle posts, and the occassional picture of her adorable family.  As someone who is looking forward to having her own place to decorate, I've definitely been taking a few hints from her!  Additionally, you can check out her blog if you'd like to see more from her.  She is more active on Insta but here posts are totally worth looking at!

I want to also mention, all of these ladies above are lovely humans.  Everything they put out into the world screams of positivity and love.  And that's what the world needs a little more of.

See you soon with another post.


Friday, 19 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 19: More Music: Suicide Squad

Hello everyone!

Okay, I know I just did my Summer Album post, but I have yet another music obsession.

Suicide Squad.  You either loved the movie, or hated it.  To be quite honest, even with my limited film knowledge I saw some gaping problems in plot and structure.  But I love Harley Quinn/Margot Robbie, and let's be real, that's why I was there.

Whatever your problems with the movie, no one can deny that the soundtrack wasn't amazing.  The choices were perfectly on point for the overall theme or the movie and whatever was taking place during a specific scene.

I bought the soundtrack for $12.99 at HMV, and despite not being a rap lover I have been listening to it in my car every day.  And I am proud to say I can rap all of "Purple Lamborghini" AND "Without Me".  Holla.

More my speed are songs like "Heathens" and P!ATD's (stellar) cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody".  But let's not forget that CCR comes in with "Fortunate Son".

My favourite track on the album though? "You Don't Own Me".  That's my shit.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 18: Lash Princess Review

Hello everyone!

After over a year of using the same mascara (Maybelline's Lash Sensational, ICYMI), I finally picked up a different one to test out.
This gorgeous tube of mascara is the Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara.  It was $4.99 for the tube, which is extremely affordable in my opinion.

The brush on this isn't something I would normally go for, but it isn't dangerous in any way.  It's a fairly standard conical brush, although I do find it longer than most others.  The bristles are synthetic hairs, not plastic, and they aren't rough or pointy when you're using the mascara.

The effect of this is stunning.  You get looooooooooong lashes, as promised, and a good amount of volume too.  I've never used a mascara that made my lashes look as long as this one does.

However, there is a major con to this product.  It transfers SO BADLY.  By the end of the day, I have black smudges on my brow bone because this smudges like a fiend.  I'm hoping as this gets used more and dries out slightly that it will stop doing this, but I have to say I was so disappointed to find that every single time I wore this it transferred.  If you don't have oily eyelids, this might not be a problem for you, but I do had oily lids and it's been a major problem for me.

So that's my honest opinion.  I want to love this, but when I end up with an unintentional smokey eye at the end of the day, I just can't love the product.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 17: Nails Of The Week? Blue Jean, Baby!

Hello everyone!

I recently tried out a new nail polish and I'm really excited to share it with you!

This is the Essence Cosmetics Gel Nail Polish in the (new) shade Jeans On!

I put this on in the car before I went into work because my nails looked so awful.  It FULLY dried in less then 10 minutes.  Two coats were sufficient for opacity, and it went on super smoothly and shiny.

I couldn't get over how nice this looked all day.  It didn't chip either, I wore this for three full days without chipping!  I would highly recommend these, especially at only $2.99 per polish!


Monday, 15 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 15: The Book Journal

Hello everyone!

This summer, I started taking a different approach to the books I've been reading.

Instead of just reading it and putting it aside to forget about, I've been recording everything I read in a book journal.

I got this one at HomeSense, and I think the quote is perfect for a journal where I want to record my thoughts on books.  Books are meant to let your imagination roam, and can keep you company when you are alone or lonely.  I freaking love this quote. 

Inside, I record the day I finished the book, the title, the author(s), a little summary of the book and my thoughts after finishing it, and who recommended it to me, or where I got it.

I've noticed that this makes me think a little bit more critically about the books that I'm reading.  I remember them better, and find myself talking about them to others more.  In the future, if I forget that I've read something, I can always go back and check so I don't accidentally read something I didn't like twice.

I think this is a great idea, and I highly recommend it for all you readers out there!


Sunday, 14 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 14: Summer Liner with NYX

Hello everyone!

I've got a super fun summer makeup favourite to share with you today.

This is the NYX Studio Liquid Liner in the shade Extreme Blue.

This has intense colour payoff, it's SO pigmented.   The brush is teeny tiny so it is easy to work with, and to build up your liner rather than putting on a lot (maybe too much) at first application.

I love doing little to no other makeup and a blue winged eyeliner for a pop of fun colour that isn't too over the top.

This cost me $10 (I believe), and was worth every penny.  It lasts all day and the colour doesn't fade. It is hard to get this off, but an oil-based eye makeup remover will do the trick.

I also will sometimes use this on my bottom lashes like a mascara for some subtle colour.

Let me know if you've tried this product and give me recommendations for great NXY products to try!


Saturday, 13 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 13: Sephora Haul!

Hello everyone!

I did a cheeky bit of shopping at Sephora and thought I would share my purchases with you.

The most exciting thing I picked up was the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (in the lightest shade, Porcelain).  I had a sample of this and loved it so much.  I knew it would be worth the money and that I would wear it every day (and thus far, I have!)

Then I got a few lip products (because I love a good lippie).  I finally bought the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita.  I'm so late to the party on this, but I wanted to buy it because I genuinely liked it, not because everyone else does.  I will say this doesn't look on my lips how it did in the swatch, but I still think it's beautiful.

And then during the cashier wait of doom I grabbed (on impulse) this duo of mini lip pencils from Bite Beauty.  One is in the shade Rhubarb, the other in the shade Chablis.  I'm really excited to try these out, I've heard great things about Bite, and I believe it's also a Canadian company!

Let me know in the comments below what you've gotten from Sephora recently, and if there are any products I should try next time!


Friday, 12 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 12: Disappointing Products

Hello everyone!

Today's video is a Disappointing Products.  These are unavoidable, unfortunately, but hopefully by talking about products that didn't work for me, I can save you from wasting your money!

Click here to watch it on YouTube!


Thursday, 11 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 11: Tips for Bloggers

Hello everyone!

While I'm certainly a low-level blogger, over the 3 years I've been doing this, I've definitely learned a few good tips for blogging that I'm going to pass on to you today.

1) Have a pet? Get a lint roller.

The face of innocence that will shed all over your soul.
The most frustrating thing for me is that my parents have a rug that makes a beautiful background for flat-lay, but it's COVERED in cat hair.  I could vacuum every day, the li'l stinker will lie on it immediately after I'm done without fail.  Thus, when I want to do a quick flat-lay, a lint roller becomes my best friend.

2) Enlist your friends!

I love including my friends on my blog. Yes, I like making new friends who are also bloggers, but why leave my existing friends (who are my biggest supporters) out of it? Case in point: Kelly recorded three videos with me for August.  What a champ!

3)  Buy a real tri-pod.

I didn't do this, and balancing my camera on a stack of books that I couldn't adjust is a huge regret for me.  Even if you don't record videos, a tri-pod makes a huge different to your blog photos.

4) Be honest.

My goal with my blog is to be 100% honest.  Sometimes my opinion will change, but I refuse to peddle a product I don't love.  I can guarantee that lying will not make your blog popular.

5) Do not go broke over a blog that isn't your life.

Let me explain this one.

For awhile, I was spending so much money on products for my blog.  And that was fine.  Except I wasn't using any of it.  I was buying it for content alone, sucking my wallet dry, for a blog that (ultimately) is a hobby, not a job.  If you are a blogger, please make sure you prioritize your financial stability over content.  Don't work yourself into a huge debt, don't spend your grocery money on makeup, and DO NOT sacrifice your rent for the newest release.

I hope you found this helpful, especially if you're just starting a blog.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I'll see you soon with another post!


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 10: The Club Obsession

Hello everyone!

Recently, I've become obssessed with MAC Cosmetic's eyeshadow in the shade Club.

The website describes this as a "red-brown with green pearl" and it's a satin finish.

This eyeshadow is stunning.  It has this beautiful red-brown base, but the duo-chrome is an almost blue-green shimmer.  I've seen so many people wearing this alone on the lid, blended out with a simple matte brown shade, and it looks so stunning.

Myself, I like to keep the eye makeup fairly simple.  However, the reason I like this shade so much is because it makes my eyes pop.  My eye shade fluctuates from a deep, dark brown to green (it's really strange).  This shade can make my eyes pop no matter what shade they are.  The red tones compliment brown and green eyes and really make your eyes the central feature of your makeup look.

Thus, I wear this alot.  I tend to take a small pencil brush (or something similar) and blend this right up close to the lower lash line, smoking it out slightly, but not too much for everyday.  I keep the rest of my eye makeup simple, and amp up the lashes, and that (for me) is the perfect way to use this.

As with most MAC shadows, the pigmentation is fabulous, the lasting power is great, it doesn't crease, and it blends like a dream with minimal fallout.

The best has been saved for last.  MAC has decreased the price of their single refill pans to $8.  If you have a Z-palette, a MAC palette, or even DIY one, these shadows have the magnet attached and can be popped right in.  They are so affordable, I have drugstore single pans that have cost more!

I hope you found this review helpful, I'll see you soon with another post.